Roberto Luongo was devastated Tim Thomas got traded

Roberto Luongo Tim ThomasTim Thomas was traded to the Dallas Stars on Wednesday, meaning hockey fans are not going to get to see the drama that could have unfolded if Thomas and Roberto Luongo had to coexist as teammates. It was no secret that the two goaltenders were not fans of each other after Luongo criticized Thomas’ style of play during the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.

Unless Luongo and Thomas somehow managed to bury the hatchet and become best friends over the last 24 hours, the tweet Luongo sent on Wednesday afternoon is hilarious.

As you might expect, Thomas did not seem happy when the Florida Panthers chose to acquire another goalie earlier this week — let alone one he has a history with.

Either the Panthers intended to trade Thomas all along or he forced his way out of town when Luongo came aboard. Either scenario would be perfectly conceivable.

Roberto Luongo traded to Florida Panthers, will team with Tim Thomas

Roberto Luongo Tim ThomasRoberto Luongo has been part of trade rumors surrounding the Vancouver Canucks for a few years, so it was about time the team finally dealt him. The Canucks sent Luongo back to the Florida Panthers on Tuesday — a day before the trade deadline — in exchange for Jacob Markstrom and Shawn Matthias.

Luongo was benched for backup goalie Cory Schneider in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. There was speculation that Luongo would be traded for the next couple of seasons, including 2012-2013, when Schneider was made the team’s starter. But it was Schneider who was traded in June, which made Luongo the team’s starter again. But that only lasted so long — Luongo had been benched since the Olympics — and now he is headed back to Florida.

One interesting aspect of this trade is that Luongo will now be teammates with Tim Thomas. The two had a lot of friction during the 2011 Stanley Cup finals between the Canucks and Boston Bruins.

Luongo criticized Thomas’ style of goaltending after the Canucks beat the Bruins 1-0 in Game 5 of the finals, saying he would have made the save on the puck Thomas made through (this despite him having a bad series to that point). But the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, and Thomas later said he thought Luongo mistook a compliment he gave his counterpart.

Now that the two are teammates, they will have the chance to clear everything up.

Tim Thomas slashes Bruin in the head in return to Boston (Video)

Tim-Thomas-Carl-SoderberhTim Thomas faced his former team for the first time on Tuesday night, and it could not have gone worse for the Florida Panthers goalie. The Boston Bruins defeated Thomas and company 6-2 on their home ice. Toward the end of the game, frustration appeared to boil over for the two-time Vezna Trophy winner.

With just seconds remaining in the game, Bruins forward Carl Soderberg was still playing hard and crashed the net following a shot. His stick wound up near the head and shoulder area of Thomas, and Thomas responded by cranking Soderberg in the head with his stick.

“No one was really running into me until the end there,” Thomas said after the game, via Puck Daddy. “Soderberg, the play before, [gave me] a pretty hard jab. It’s 6-2, so I took a little exception to that.”

Soderberg could have been more careful with his stick and more mindful of the score, but it didn’t appear that he was trying to hurt Thomas or hit him in the head. Thomas, on the other hand, clearly knew what he was doing.

“I was just going for the rebound,” Soderberg said. “We can’t stop playing.”

Harvey Fialkov of the Sun Sentinel believes that Thomas could face a suspension for the high stick. You can certainly understand why he was frustrated. All players want to perform will against their former teams, and Thomas couldn’t have been worse. Still, I’d classify that as a cheap shot.

Tim Thomas Joins Long List of Athletes to Skip the White House Visit

Many years ago — actually it might have been last week — I was given a piece of sage advice from my parents: Two issues you never bring up in the company of strangers are religion and politics. Seeing as how I have never really been big on creeds or listening to my folks, for that matter, and that I’ve already discussed the former, it’s only naturally that I now write a missive on the latter.

For what it’s worth, I’m not officially announcing my candidacy for public office. Really, though, the only thing that qualifies me for the office of President is the fact that I was born in the US, and even then it’s a stretch. Furthermore, I don’t think any political strategist who attempted to dig up my past would probably be traumatized by what they would find let alone trying to use it against me — tax sheltering and open marriages would be the least of my problems. Which reminds me, I should probably find and destroy that video of me singing Milli Vanilli songs into a shampoo bottle before it’s too late.

Nah, I’m about as cut out to run for President as the boar hog Pigasus that was nominated as a candidate in 1968. Would this now be a bad time to make a joke about pork barrel legislation? (Yeah, too soon.) Certainly, Pigasus would not have been the first candidate to ham it up before a national audience. As entertaining as it may seem to write poorly-conceived puns about swine, I run the risk of getting censured by my Jewish family if I continue without getting to the point.

One thing, though, that I’ve always found an interesting phenomenon about sports and teams that are triumphant on the grandest stage of competition is the reward for reaching the pinnacle. Sure, millions of dollars, adoration from a worldwide fan base, and something called ‘bling’ all have their place. (This is unverified by me since I’ve calculated that anything less than combining one-thousand lifetimes will be deficient in allowing me to experience this.) But, chief among the spoils of victory is getting to meet the President of the United States.

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Tim Thomas Celebrated in Corn Maze

The Boston Bruins have been celebrated for their Stanley Cup win over the Vancouver Canucks. They ran up a $156K bar tab at a club, most of which was on the house. Each of the players have had their day with the Stanley Cup (although Nathan Horton’s was cut short). But this may be the best tribute of all.

As Puck Daddy shares with us, the Sherman Farm corn maze in East Conway, New Hampshire carved that image of Bruins goalie Tim Thomas hoisting the Stanley Cup into the field. Beginning on September 17th, visitors can explore the maze for $9. There’s little doubt it took tons of time to make that creation. It probably didn’t take a whole summer like the Angel Stadium model, but plenty of detail went into it and it was worthwhile. I wouldn’t fly out to the East Coast to check it out, but if I were in the area I’d definitely take a look.

Picture Credit: Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Tim Thomas Thinks Roberto Luongo Took Compliment as Sarcastic Jab

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas shutout the Vancouver Canucks for the second time in the Stanley Cup Finals, helping the Bruins win their first Stanley Cup since 1972. Thomas stopped 238 of the 246 shots he faced over the seven-game series, giving him an absurdly high .967 save percentage. His performance throughout the postseason earned him the Conn Smythe Trophy which is awarded to the winning team’s most valuable playoff performer. The award isn’t too surprising for anyone who’s watched Thomas play the last four years for Boston, and it sure is sweet revenge for him against Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo.

After Vancouver won Game 5 of the series 1-0, Luongo boasted that he would have made the save on the lone goal let up by Thomas. Though Thomas was bothered by the comment, he chose not to respond and instead went out and won the next two games. When the two goalies met up to shake hands at the end of the series, Thomas praised Luongo.

“I know I told him that he’s a great goalie,” Thomas recounted his exchange with Luongo to NBC after winning the series. “Somehow he must have took offense. I hadn’t said anything really positive but I hadn’t said anything negative either. Part of that was tactics.”

Luongo didn’t seem to react negatively during their lineup, but apparently he did. Maybe he thought Thomas was being sarcastic considering he had just lost two games in a row after opening his mouth. The reality is both men are excellent goaltenders and maybe Luongo has learned to keep quiet next time so as not to inspire his opponent. After all, he’s the one who looks poorly in the end.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Bruce Bennett

Roberto Luongo Takes a Shot at Tim Thomas (Video)

Really? This guy’s serious right? I mean he kept a serious face on, so he’s either a great actor or Roberto Luongo really did take a shot at Tim Thomas after Game 5 and meant it. The Bruins lost Game 5 in Vancouver by a score of 1-0, and the only goal in the game certainly could have been stopped by Thomas. However, I’m not sure a goalie who let up 12 goals in two games is in any position to be critiquing the performance of his counterpart.  The Bruins will have to win a game in Vancouver if they want to win the Stanley Cup, but the Canucks would probably be wise to refrain from providing Boston with bulletin board material along the way.  H/T to Barstool for the video.