Colorado Rockies gave Todd Helton a live horse (Video)

When it comes to retirement gifts, it doesn’t get much better — and odder — than this.

The Colorado Rockies honored Todd Helton on Wednesday, which marked the franchise icon’s final home game with the team. Helton, 40, recently announced that he would be retiring after a 17-season career.

The Rockies had a “Thanks Todd” hashtag going on social media, put his No. 17 into the center field grass, added a tribute to him on the bases … and of course gave him a horse. They chose to give him a horse because he recently bought one for his daughter to ride on the family’s ranch, so they figured he could use another one.

More details on the horse via the Rockies’ website:

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Todd Helton pulled an awesome trick on Matt Carpenter (Video)

Todd Helton may be old and not as effective as he once was, but he still has his guile.

Todd Helton Matt CarpenterThe Colorado Rockies first baseman successfully tagged out St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Matt Carpenter at first on Thursday after faking a throw back to the pitcher following a pickoff move. Helton held onto the ball and waited to see if Carpenter would step off the base. Thinking that the pitcher had the ball, Carpenter stepped off the bag, which is when Helton tagged him for the final out of the first.

Helton also homered in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game and send it to extras, where the Rockies won 7-6 in 15.

Is it just me, or has this sort of play become exceedingly common this season? We saw it happen to Juan Uribe on this play, and it also happened to Max Stassi last month.

Carpenter, by the way, has been awesome this season and is a legitimate MVP candidate.

Todd Helton’s mug shot after DUI arrest was a sight to behold (Picture)

Todd Helton mug shot

Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton is in the headlines this week, but it’s not for anything baseball-related.

Helton, who is 39 and at the end of his career, was arrested Wednesday morning nearby his home in Thornton, Colo., on suspicion of driving under the influence. His DUI is not what is captivating the minds of America; it’s the amazing mug shot that has everyone fascinated.

Just look at Helton in that shot. Face all chubby, triple chin visible. His hair is all tossed around. One collar is flipped out and the other tucked in. Not to mention he’s so messed up he can’t even open his eyes for the picture. Guy looks awful.

Ordinarily we’d scold Helton for driving drunk and putting the lives of others in danger, but that mug shot is enough to sufficiently embarrass him for his actions.

You can read his apology he provided to The Denver Post.