Tom Zbikowski reportedly turned away by fire department for his clothes

Tom ZbikowskiTom Zbikowski is trying to become a firefighter in Chicago, but his first impression was not a good one.

Zbikowski, a Chicago Bears safety from Park Ridge, Ill., applied to the Chicago Fire Department in 2006 while he was still at Notre Dame, the South Bend Tribune reports. He was on a very long waiting list of applicants but finally got a call from the department recently.

Zbikowski apparently went to the department’s academy on Friday but was turned away because he was not wearing proper business casual attire. Zbikowski was dressed in a polo shirt, khakis, and gym shoes, his dad told The Tribune.

Though Zbikowski may have made a bad first impression, he will at least be allowed to report back on Tuesday as long as he is dressed more to their liking. The fifth-year player will even miss part of the team’s organized activities to report to the fire academy.

Zbikowski was a third-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens in 2008. He spent four seasons with the Ravens and last season with the Indianapolis Colts.

This is not Zbikowski’s first foray into a career outside of football. You may recall that he is 4-0 as a professional boxer; he fought once in 2006 while playing at Notre Dame, and three times in 2011 during the NFL lockout.

The Tribune says Zbikowski is attempting to become a firefighter to fulfill a promise to his late grandfather, who was a Chicago firefighter. Zbikowski’s brother is also a firefighter.

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Tom Zbikowski Passes Second Drug Test, Will Have Suspension Lifted

The sports world was shocked Tuesday when we learned that Baltimore Ravens safety and part-time boxer Tom Zbikowski tested positive for marijuana after his fight Saturday. Zbikowski won his bout to improve to 4-0 in his career, but the positive drug test was out of character for him since he’s never tested positive before. Making matters more bizarre was that four other fighters on the same Thackerville, Oklahoma card tested positive for marijuana.

I don’t recall hearing about so many fighters testing positive for the same drug on the same card, so needless to say this was odd. Zbikowski moved quickly to try and clear his name and he took a second drug test today. He reportedly passed the second test and will have the suspension lifted.

No surprise, Zbikowski’s manager vouched for him saying after the positive test “Tom has high moral character. Tom’s body is a temple. He was very hurt that this stain goes on his reputation with these allegations going out there unchecked until he’s able to have his test cleared.”

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Ray Lewis Says He Would Easily Beat Tom Zbikowski in Boxing Match

Everyone wants a piece of Tom Zbikowski.  Check that — everyone wants to act like they want a piece of him.  Football players hate the thought that they would lose a fight to someone or that there is someone out there that’s tougher than them.  Last month, it was Chad Ochocinco running his mouth (what else is new) and challenging Zbikowski, a professional boxer, to a fight.  Now, teammate Ray Lewis is getting in on the act.

Lewis told the NFL Network, via Pro Football Talk, that he would win a fight against Zbikowski hands down because of their weight differences.  In fact, he said it has been discussed in the locker room before and Tommy agrees with him.

“Zbikowski would lose,” Lewis said. “We’ve already talked about that. Zbikowski is a realist when it comes to the sport. The locker room talk is always that about who can beat who. He’ll be the first to tell you he’s not going to get in the ring with a 250-pound person. That’s crazy!”

No doubt Lewis could do some damage if he landed a haymaker or two, but let’s not forget Zbikowski is a legit boxer who is 3-0 in his career and 2-0 since the lockout.  He’s also scheduled to fight again in two weeks.  My guess is he would find a way to beat Lewis.  Considering he has a legitimate career going in the sport, there’s probably no need to waste his time trying.

Tom Zbikowski Boxing Again in 2 Weeks

Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski improved to 2-0 in his professional boxing career with a first-round win over Richard Bryant Saturday. If the first-round knockout didn’t convince you that Bryant was a bum, maybe the news that Zbikowski will be fighting again in two weeks should.

Zbikowski announced on both his twitter and facebook account that he has another fight set up for March 26th in Atlantic City. The card will be on HBO and feature the following four fights:

Yuriorkis Gamboa (19-0) vs. Jorge Solis (40-2-2)
Miguel Garcia (24-0) vs. Matt Remillard (23-0)
Jorge Diaz (15-0) vs. Teon Kennedy (16-0-1)
Glen Tapia (8-0) vs. Eberto Medina (5-5)

Zbikowski will fit in on the undercard in some capacity, and I’m sure it will be another cupcake opponent. Like I said, Bob Arum is going to try and ride the Tommy train as long as he can until the NFL figures out its labor situation. He’s moving quickly.

Tommy Zbikowski Scores 1st Round Knockout of Richard Bryant on Body Shot

Ravens safety Tommy Zbikowski is now 2-0 in his professional boxing career after beating Richard Bryant with a first-round knockout in Las Vegas Saturday evening. Bryant was belted squarely beneath the ribcage (as you can see in the picture above) and was knocked out for the count 1:45 into the fight. The first-round victory marked Zbikowski’s second first-round knockout of his career, but it didn’t come without questions.

First off, Zbikowski took way too many shots in the fight. He was hit several times by a below average opponent who’s now 1-3 — that shouldn’t happen against inferior competition and it makes me think Zbikowski could use a lot more training on his defense. Secondly, there was a delayed reaction from Bryant after the body shot raising questions about the legitimacy of the knockdown.

I don’t dispute that Zbikowski hurt Bryant badly with the shot straight to the chest, but I wonder how Bryant could have been damaged enough to be knocked out, yet well enough to throw two more punches after absorbing the blow. Does that make much sense to you? Maybe it was just a delayed reaction to a massive strike, but it leaves me with a few questions. Either way, Zbikowski moves to 2-0 while Bryant falls to 1-3. One can’t help but figure Bob Arum will ride the Zbikowski train until the NFL’s labor issues are solved. Because of his football roots, he’ll be a draw regardless of the low quality of opponent he faces.

Tom Zbikowski Challenges Chad Ochocinco to a Boxing Match

If Chad Ochocinco truly feels like getting banged out and isn’t just trying to entertain people on Twitter, the offer is on the table. Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski, who has a legitimately deep boxing background, told the Dan Patrick Show on Monday that he would love to box Ochocinco since the Bengals receiver “talks like he can box.” Zbikowski said he’d allow the fight to go about 45 seconds so Ocho knew what a real jab felt like before knocking him out.

Ochocinco is always talking about wanting to box and challenging Anderson “Spider” Silva, and he now has a real chance to make his alleged dream come true. At the moment, Chad is tough-talking like he might accept Zbikowski’s challenge.

“You wana go nite nite, you want to box me, for 1 your feet are to slow and you’ve no hand speed to even be competitive,” Ocho said on his Twitter account Monday afternoon. Something tells me things won’t go as smoothly for Chad as they did when he punched Marvin Lewis. Here is what Zbikowski said on his Facebook account about 15 minutes after Ochocinco’s trash-talking Tweet.

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Tom Zbikowski Fighting on Mayorga-Cotto Undercard in Las Vegas

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski may be the first NFL player to cash in as a professional athlete in another sport once the lockout becomes official. The former Notre Dame star will be added to the Miguel Cotto-Ricardo Mayorga undercard on March 12th to fight his second professional bout, as Pro Football Talk reported.

Zbikowski has a deep boxing background, having begun fighting at the age of nine and amassing a 75-15 record as an amateur. Back in 2006, he fought his first professional fight knocking out Robert Bell 49 seconds into the first round. Zbikowski was still a defensive back and special teams player at Notre Dame during his first fight and he had some of his Fighting Irish teammates supporting him in his corner.

This time around, Tommy will be an injury replacement for Christy Martin who was attempting a comeback to the ring at the age of 43. According to BoxingScene.com, Martin had to pull out because of broken ribs suffered during training.

Dan Rafael reports that Zbikowski, who first fought as a heavyweight, will box as a cruiserweight on the 12th. Only two obstacles remain before the fight can officially be schedule. One, the Nevada State Athletic Commission needs to approve Tommy’s request for a boxing license. Two, the lockout needs to happen so he’ll be free from his contract with the Baltimore Ravens. I’m sure both will happen without a problem and I can’t wait to see him in the ring.