Mike Leach: Bruce Feldman Was Kidnapped by ESPN

Former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach joined the Tony Bruno Show on FOX Sports Radio Tuesday to talk about his new book, Swing Your Sword. Excerpts from the book already showed us what a farce his firing was. We learned Leach was fired because Texas Tech wanted him out so they didn’t have to pay him a bonus. We also learned that Craig James and ESPN teamed up with Texas Tech in a smear campaign.

ESPN didn’t like the negative attention they received from the book, so they reacted by suspending Bruce Feldman (one of their reporters), who wrote the book. ESPN says they asked him to take a few days off while they decided his fate, so the “suspension” talk is a matter of semantics.

During his appearance on the show, Leach addressed the treatment of Feldman and described ESPN’s actions as “kidnapping.”

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