Tony Sanchez’s first career hit gets stuck in scoreboard on a fly

Pittsburgh Pirates rookie Tony Sanchez got his first career hit on Sunday, and his hit produced another “first.”

Sanchez, who was selected fourth overall by the Pirates in 2009, lined a Joe Blanton fastball to right field in the top of the second inning of his team’s game against the LA Angels. Though the Pirates announcer said the ball bounced off the wall, it actually got stuck in the base of the scoreboard just above the wall at Angel Stadium. I’ve never seen anything like that happen before.

Sanchez was awarded a ground-rule double, and the ruling may have cost the Pirates a run. Neil Walker, who was on first, got placed on third, and the next batter flied out to end the inning.

Sanchez actually has a bit of a history here at LBS despite being a rookie. In 2011, his mouth got him into trouble over Twitter. Last year, he got into a bar fight and broke his jaw. And in April, we featured him here at LBS after he pulled this hilarious prank. Now that he’s up in the bigs, let’s hope he’s matured.

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Newspaper uses Tony Sanchez’s picture for Jonathan Sanchez suspension, leads to hilarious prank on mother

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Jonathan Sanchez was given a six-game suspension on Saturday for throwing at St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Allen Craig. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette ran a story about the incident, but they got the wrong Sanchez. Instead of featuring a picture of the MLB pitcher, the newspaper included a photo of Pirates catching prospect Tony Sanchez. The falsely accused Sanchez shared the article with his Twitter followers.


Rather than taking offense to the mistake, Tony decided to take advantage and use it to make his poor mother panic. Check out this hilarious screenshot of a conversation he had with her about the article.

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Pirates Prospect Tony Sanchez Suffered Broken Jaw in a Bar Fight

Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Tony Sanchez has shown a lot of promise — as a baseball player.  Off the field, Sanchez has a difficult time staying out of trouble.  On Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review revealed that the 23-year-old catcher was involved in a bar fight about three months ago.  The fight occurred while he was participating in the Florida Instructional League.  No police charges were filed after the incident, but Sanchez suffered a broken jaw.

You maybe remember hearing Sanchez’s name in the news late last spring, when the Pirates asked him to delete his Twitter account since he had developed a habit of using the social medium to tweet about parties and criticize umpires.

As Hardball Talk pointed out, this is also not the first time Sanchez has suffered a broken jaw.  He also missed significant time in 2010 when he broke his jaw from being hit in the face with a pitch.  With that in mind, I can think of two reasons why Sanchez should probably avoid getting into bar fights: his jaw is fragile and he is expected to one day be a Major League Baseball player.  Those sound like pretty solid reasons to me.

Pirates Prospect Tony Sanchez Told to Get off Twitter?

Pittsburgh Pirates No. 2 prospect Tony Sanchez could make it in the UFC.  No, we have not seen him fight.  No, he doesn’t appear to be exceptionally big, tough, or insane.  He just likes to tweet and in the UFC you get paid for that type of thing.  Or, should I say, Sanchez liked to tweet.

According to CBSSports.com, the 22-year-old catcher deleted his Twitter account (@TSanchez26) at around 3:30 on Tuesday after writing, “See ya twitter. thanks to the fans for their support and continued support. Pittsburgh is the only goal and twitter is standing in my way.”  Although Pirates farm director Kyle Stark denied that the team told Sanchez to stop using Twitter, that tweet would certainly indicate he was given an ulterior motive.

As for the reasons why he either decided to or was encouraged to stop using Twitter, Sanchez has been a little too loose-lipped — or loose-fingered — with some of his tweets and had to apologize on several different occasions for it.  The first tweet he wrote that upset Stark had to do with throwing a party, and Sanchez later spoke to the Altoona Mirror and apologized for it.  Apparently he hadn’t learned his lesson.

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