Rams Buy $8.9 Million of Scrambled Eggs

About six weeks ago, I pleaded for Trent Green to retire. Reports at that time suggested the Dolphins were interested in bringing Green back as one of their quarterbacks. So much for that. Instead, Green will be packing his bags for his hometown of St. Louis. That’s right, the Rams dropped $8.9 million on the candlelight quarterback (one blow and he’s out). Between a $2.1 million signing bonus, a $900k reporting bonus, and a $1 million base salary, the dude’s going to be making $4 million next year to backup Marc Bulger! Then again, backing up Bulger is like being starter 1B the way Bulger misses games.

Even if Green doesn’t get the remaining $4.9 mil over the next two seasons, he still will have heisted $4 mil from the Rams. Honestly, this is the same guy whose brains Jason Taylor said would turn into scrambled eggs with one hit. I just can’t understand why they would dump that much money on him. I know they were in competition for Green — as hard as that is to believe — but come on, $4 million for a backup? And it’s not like we’re talking about a backup like Brady Quinn who was a first round pick. I just don’t get it. One plate of Green eggs and ham, scrambled.

Someone Tell Trent Green to Retire

As SPORTSbyBROOKS aptly wrote, from the really bad idea department comes the news that the Dolphins would welcome Trent Green back to the team this year. And if your QBs were Cleo Lemon and John Beck, you’d probably do the same thing.

The agent for Dolphins quarterback Trent Green said that vice president of football operations Bill Parcells has expressed an interest in bringing back the oft-injured veteran.

“He has to have the motivation to come back and he also has the health issue,” Steiner said. “Trent has to determine whether the upside is worth the downside.”

To be fair, I said Tedy Bruschi should have retired as soon as I read about his stroke. Obviously I was wrong about that because had Bruschi followed my advice, he wouldn’t be playing in the Super Bowl. I don’t know if Trent thinks he might be able to reach the Super Bowl, but I’m guessing he’ll have trouble hanging it up if he still thinks he can be a good quarterback in the league. Let’s be real: as Solomon Wilcots said, Trent Green is a candlelight now — one blow and he’s out. Just retire Trent, retire for your own good.