Leafs’ Tyler Bozak Puts the Moves on Kate Upton via Twitter

Toronto Maple Leafs center Tyler Bozak is having a pretty good season.  He has six goals and 11 assists on the year, giving him 17 points through 26 games.  This being only his third year in the league, it is sure to be his best statistically if he remains healthy.  Perhaps having elevated his game on the ice has given Bozak the confidence to try to elevate it on Twitter.

On Monday, Bozak decided to give Kate Upton a shout-out.  Why not?  The Leafs were in New York and he had nothing to lose.  Here’s how Phase 1 of Bozak’s “Try To Hook Up With Kate Upton” operation went down:

Well guess what? Tyler got a response.  Any response from that young lady is a response to be proud of.  Here’s what she said.

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