Tyler Bray: ‘I’m paid to win football games’

If and when Tyler Bray moves on to play ball in the NFL, he can officially say he is getting paid to play football. At the moment, Bray is on a full scholarship at Tennessee, which most people consider to be a totally different concept than getting paid to play. As we know all too well, getting paid to play in college athletics is a big no-no.

On Tuesday, the Volunteers quarterback chose his words poorly when discussing the team’s most recent loss to Missouri.

“I’m paid to win football games,” Bray told reporters according to USA TODAY.

Naturally, every reporter in the room perked up and one asked Bray to clarify the statement. He quickly realized he had uttered a forbidden sentence and attempted to elaborate.

“I mean… my education,” he said. ” That’s what the SEC likes to call ‘getting paid.'”

If you ask Cecil Newton, he would probably tell you that the SEC has an entirely different interpretation of “getting paid” and it has nothing to do with playing under a full scholarship. It’s something Nick Saban and a number of other coaches have been accused of, and it is a very sensitive subject.

We’ll give Bray the benefit of the doubt and assume it was just an expression. And if not, the Vols and their 0-6 SEC record might need to consider paying a little more.

Tyler Bray caught throwing beer bottles and golf balls at car

Tennessee junior quarterback Tyler Bray was caught in the middle of a “boys behaving badly” act and is now paying for it.

As the Knoxville News Sentinel reports, Bray and his roommate, Michael C. Grandinetti, were caught vandalizing a car in their apartment complex. The two cracked the windshield and dented the top of 22-year-old Bradi Hudson’s car sometime between last Friday night and Saturday morning. Hudson didn’t catch them in the act, but a note on her car’s windshield apparently came from a witness who saw what happened.

21-year-old Kirstie Allen told Hudson that Bray and his roommate threw golf balls and beer bottles at the car from their balcony. On Monday, Allen says the windshield of her car was smashed when she was home to eat lunch. Allen says she was told by an apartment manager that Bray and Grandinetti had been evicted, and she believed the broken windshield was retaliation for her ratting on them.

Bray is not being charged for vandalizing Hudson’s car and will pay for the damages. Unfortunately Allen is unable to file charges because there were no witnesses who saw her windshield smashed. Tennessee also claims that Bray was not evicted. Either way, we know that this kid must be extremely bored and that he is acting like a jerk. The first incident could be ascribed to a drunken episode, but the second incident (if it was done by him) is overboard. And here we were thinking the dude was girly. Guess not.

Tennessee QB Tyler Bray got a pedicure with his mom for her birthday (Picture)

The way I see it, there are only two times when it is acceptable for a man to get a pedicure: If he’s a model for flip flops, or if it’s his mom’s birthday and that’s what she wants to do. Fortunately for Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray, he meets on of the aforementioned criteria.

On Thursday, Bray tweeted the photo you see above accompanied by the following message: “Pedicure with mom on her birthday. #swag.”

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you could have lived without the “#swag” thrown in there at the end. What’s even weirder about it is that it looks like it’s a guy who is giving the pedicure. But at the end of the day, anything for mom on her birthday.

H/T SI.com’s Campus Union

Buffalo News Quoted Fake Tyler Bray Twitter Account in its Game Preview

The Buffalo Bulls got paid good money to head down to Knoxville Saturday and get stomped by the Volunteers. The Buffalo News paid writer Bob DiCesare good money to head down to Knoxville to cover the game. Much like the Bulls’ defense, DiCesare got faked out by Tennessee’s offense.

In a game preview story published in the Saturday edition of the Buffalo News, DiCesare used quotes from a phony Tyler Bray Twitter account as the premise of his story. From DiCesare’s story:

Tyler Bray, Tennessee’s sophomore quarterback, has little doubt what will transpire at Neyland Stadium this afternoon. He’ll size up the University at Buffalo secondary, he’ll pick out a receiver and he’ll let it fly, certain of the result.

“The @UBBullRun blog is appropriately titled,” Bray tweeted this week. “The Bulls’ DBs will be running. A lot. ‘Cause I like to go deeeep.”

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