Michael Phelps reportedly ‘upset’ with Tyler Clary over critical comments

US swimmer Tyler Clary made national headlines on Tuesday for his critical comments about fellow swimmer Michael Phelps, and the 14-time Olympic gold medalist is said to be “upset” with his teammate.

In comments to The Riverside Press-Enterprise published on Monday, Clary questioned Phelps’ work ethic and said the swimming star is “asking to get beat.” Former University of Michigan swim coach Jon Urbanchek, who is Clary’s coach and also close with Phelps, says Michael is bothered by the comments.

“It wasn’t called for, and the timing — this should not be the news going into the Olympics,” said Urbanchek, according to The Baltimore Sun. “I hope the two boys will sit down and talk about it. I know Michael is a little bit upset.”

Clary meanwhile spent part of his day trying to do some damage control. He claimed his words were taken out of context and apologized to Phelps via Twitter.

“It’s too bad that what I was actually trying to say was twisted,” he told one fan. “I am honored to represent USA and swim alongside Michael.”

Clary’s backtracking could have been predicted for anyone who followed the Clyde Drexler-Magic Johnson mess, but it’s hard to take his words as anything other than an attack on Phelps.

I guess we’ll have to wait until later this month to have the mattered sorted out in the pool. And here I was thinking Ryan Lochte was trying to become Phelps’ biggest rival this summer. Looks like the amount of people targeting him is rising.

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Olympic swimmer Tyler Clary says Michael Phelps is ‘asking to get beat’

U.S. Olympic swimmer Tyler Clary has spent a lot of time recently training with Michael Phelps at the University of Michigan. Since Clary is only 23 years old and will be making his first Olympic appearance in London this summer, you might assume Phelps is someone that he looks up to and admires. After all, Phelps is considered by many to be the greatest swimmer to ever live. That hardly seems to be the case.

During a recent interview with Jim Alexander of the Riverside Press-Enterprise, Clary was critical of Phelps and the way he has prepared for London, even venturing to say the man who won eight gold medals in Beijing is “asking to get beat.”

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