Ottawa Fans Put Phil Kessel, Dion Phaneuf Cutouts in Urinals at All-Star Game

Ottawa fans may have been thrilled to host the NHL All-Star Game last weekend, but that doesn’t mean they were about to embrace all the players in the game. The fans held true to their rivalry with Toronto by placing cutouts of Leafs all-stars Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf in the urinals. The move may not have been original, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t appreciated. The last time we saw it was when LeBron returned to Cleveland.

As long as no people or trees are being killed, I appreciate some healthy fan rivalries.

Pictures via Sens Town
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Cleveland Puts LeBron James Bobbleheads in Urinals for Cavs-Heat

Cleveland fans went all out in their hate for LeBron James on Thursday night. They booed him during introductions, every time he touched the ball, and they chanted “a** h***” half the time as well. They came up with creative t-shirts, coreographed stunts, and my favorite was what they did with the urinals. Inside the Q, they had LeBron bobbleheads in urinals so fans could literally pee on LeBron. Check out the pics:

Coming from people who burned LeBron’s jersey I’d call the urinal replacements a mild act. Honestly, I bet Dan Gilbert (as much as he despises LeBron) would love to have James back every week. The crowd was large and involved, something that isn’t inspired by the likes of Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker.

Photo Credit: Lucas Read