Sergio Garcia heckled with ‘fried chicken!’ at US Open (Video)

Sergio-Garcia-fried-chickenSergio Garcia has expressed regret over the racist comment he made about Tiger Woods last month, but some fans at the US Open are not ready to let him forget about it. Garcia has been getting heckled since the tournament began. On Thursday, USGA officials asked him if he would like them to remove a group of fans who were harassing him, but Sergio declined and said that would only make it worse.

It continued on Saturday, with one spectator yelling “fried chicken!” as Garcia was about to tee off to begin his third round. As you can hear in the video above, someone promptly scolded the fan and said that it was “no joke.”

Earlier this week, Sergio and Tiger were seen shaking hands on the driving range. Garcia later explained that he had not had a chance to personally apologize to Woods but had left him a hand-written note. Even if Tiger is ready to forgive Sergio and move on, it’s clear he still has a way to go before the fans let him forget about it.

Carl Pettersson’s ball hit by Brandon Crick’s mid-backswing at US Open (Video)

Carl-Pettersson-ball-hitBrandon Crick is playing in his first US Open this week, and the course is not treating him well. The 25-year-old University of Nebraska graduate shot an 81 in the first round on Thursday, and the second round did not start much better.

As Carl Pettersson was preparing to take a shot from the fairway on hole No. 5 on Friday, Crick’s errant tee shot from the 2nd tee came rolling in and struck Pettersson’s ball. Fortunately, Pettersson was in the middle of his backswing and was able to reset and par the hole. Had his ball been hit by Crick’s ball a fraction of a second later, who knows what the ruling might have been.

Between Crick’s ball hitting Pettersson’s and Lee Westwood catching some horrible luck thanks to a wicker basket, things have gotten pretty bizarre at times during the first two rounds of the US Open.

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US Open wicker baskets lead to funny tweets from Lee Westwood

Wicker-basket-MerionLee Westwood shot an opening-round 70 at the US Open on Thursday to put himself in the hunt heading into round two on Friday. Had it not been for the unique design of Merion Golf Club, it might have been even better.

Westwood’s approach shot on the 12th hole on Thursday was right at the pin, but it hit the infamous wicker basket at the top of the pole and rolled all the way off the front of the green and onto the fairway. He would have been putting, but Westwood had chip back onto the green and wound up making a double-bogey. Later that night, he took to Twitter to express some of his frustrations.

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Golfers at Merion had to hit fairway shots off this mat prior to US Open


Because of the tremendous amount of rain that has fallen in the Pennsylvania area this week, the conditions at the US Open have been a bit unusual. Merion Golf Club is known for being one of the most difficult courses in the country to play, with firm conditions typically sending shots rolling all over the fairways and greens. Several inches of rain is enough to soften even the most immaculate course.

However, viewers may have already noticed that the fairways appear to be in perfect condition in terms of divots. The course was virtually divot-less for the first round of the US Open on Thursday, and that was not a coincidence. Since last October, anyone who played at Merion — members included — had to hit all of their fairway shots off a small artificial grass mat that their caddies carried around with them.

Talk about a commitment to excellence. If Tiger Woods was thinking about trying to sneak in an improper drop at this major, he better think again. There will be no confusion over which divot is which this weekend.