Victor Ortiz Not a Fan of Internet Gangsters

Victor Ortiz is getting ready for his September 17th fight in Las Vegas against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Though Ortiz is preparing for the most difficult fight of his life, he’s still maintaining an online presence in the social media world.

Ortiz has over 21,000 followers on Twitter and explained during a media event this week that he prefers Twitter to Facebook. Matter of fact, Ortiz says he no longer maintains his own Facebook page but instead allows a friend to run it. His reason is simple.

“There are too many internet gangsters,” Ortiz told some children from the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. “And if it’s not the internet gangsters, it’s the stalkers,” Ortiz said of the users who can make the social media experience uncomfortable.

Ortiz isn’t the first person to drop an “internet gangster” reference here at LBS. You may recall that Keith Bulluck said the same thing of LeSean McCoy who spent his summer chiding Osi Umenyiora over Twitter.

An internet gangster, per the unimpeachable Urban Dictionary, is “One who uses the internet as a front for acting like a tough guy gang member, usually because they are hoping to gain the respect that they lack in their real life.”

You can just imagine how pathetic souls may try to act tough towards a boxer who would crush them in a real fight. No surprise Ortiz wouldn’t want to bother with that, especially given how nice he is. What’s unusual is that he kept his Twitter account but gave up his Facebook; usually it’s the other way around. We’ve shared examples of three different athletes who have given up their Twitter accounts because of all the negativity. Darn you internet gangsters acting hard, you’re ruining the online experience for all of us!

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Face Provides Daily Inspiration for Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz opened his training camp to the media Tuesday to show the world how he’s preparing for his September 17th fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. LBS was on hand to see how Ortiz looked and came away impressed by his physical condition. Spending some time in the Knuckleheadz Gym in Ventura, Ca. the cardboard addition to one of the heavy bags stood out. Turns out Ortiz has been taking aim at Money’s mug during his training:

One of Ortiz’s cornermen was particularly proud of the Mayweather bag, saying Victor hits it everyday.

Ortiz was his usual affable self, spending time with children from the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program prior to his media workout. He cracked jokes, asked them personal questions, and related to them on an individual level. To give you a flavor of their conversation, when Ortiz asked what they wanted to do when they get older, one answered “Go to a strip club!”

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Victor Ortiz Not That Impressed with Floyd Mayweather’s Fighting Style

On Tuesday it was officially announced that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would return to the ring for the first time since beating Shane Mosley 13 months ago. Mayweather’s fight on September 17th will be against Victor Ortiz, which is what LBS reported exactly one month ago. Mayweather was in attendance ringside for Ortiz’s impressive win over Andre Berto, so by taking the fight it’s assumed Mayweather feels comfortable he can beat Victor. As for Victor, count him as unimpressed by Mayweather.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve said I’ll be the first to defeat Mayweather,” Ortiz said in his first public comments since the fight was announced. “Mayweather’s quick, he’s a great fighter, but I’ve never been that impressed with his style.”

If he’s not that impressed with his style, he should be impressed by Floyd’s perfect 41-0 record. Even though I believe Mayweather is the best fighter in the world when he’s dedicating himself to his craft, I think this is a dangerous fight for him. First off, it’s pretty evident Ortiz won’t be laying down in this fight — he wants to win it badly. Secondly, Ortiz is a southpaw which always makes things somewhat confusing for fighters with an orthodox stance. Floyd hasn’t faced a southpaw since beating Zab Judah and Sharmba Mitchell in back-to-back fights in 2006 and 2005, so that can get tricky.

Most importantly, if Ortiz fights as possessed as he looked against Berto, it will give Mayweather problems. Ortiz was knocked down twice by Berto and he’s lost two fights in his short career, so it’s not like he’s invincible, but he has that quirky personality of being crazy enough in the ring to look scary. I think Mayweather will win the fight, but it’s a dangerous one, and certainly more dangerous than the past three opponents Manny Pacquiao has fought.

Andre Berto Thinks Victor Ortiz was on Something During Their Fight

Victor Ortiz was impressive in his April win over Andre Berto that featured several knockdowns. Ortiz ended up winning by unanimous decision, but it was an eventful fight; Ortiz was knocked down twice and lost a point for hitting behind the head while Berto was also knocked down twice. For anyone who was watching the fight, it was apparent that Ortiz came out with a purpose. Here’s what we wrote about his performance at the time:

“Victor was relentless throughout the fight, constantly moving forward and delivering more punches than a ballot box on election day. … Ortiz’s motor cannot be understated. Though he took some good shots in the second and sixth and got dropped, he was the best fighter and was in attack mode the entire time.”

Now, several weeks later, we’re hearing Berto’s explanation for why things went the way they did. He wrote on his twitter page that Ortiz must have been on something. Here are all his accusatory tweets, and start from the bottom up when you read them (click twice to enlarge):

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz to Fight in September at Cowboys Stadium?

It’s starting to look more and more like Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be returning to the ring. Last week we told you his uncle and trainer, Roger Mayweather, said he anticipated Floyd would fight by the end of summer. Adding to that speculation was Floyd’s presence at ringside of the Victor Ortiz-Andre Berto fight, suggesting he was doing some scouting. All that speculation is starting to come together.

The Examiner noted that BoxRec.com has Mayweather scheduled to fight Victor Ortiz on September 17th at Cowboys Stadium. Here’s the shot from Floyd’s BoxRec page:

Now if all the aforementioned information doesn’t convince you something is in the works, in an interview with KU Sports last week, Ortiz said he’s negotiating a deal to fight Floyd. “I just need to look at the contract and make sure everything is OK,” Ortiz said. “It’s not 100 percent sure yet, but that’s what I’m setting my sights on.”

LBS reached out to Ortiz’s promoter, Golden Boy Promotions about the BoxRec.com scheduled fight, and they told us “There is nothing to announce at this time.” The way it’s phrased — that there’s nothing to announce at this time — makes me think there will be something to announce in the future.

If this fight does go down in September, it will be quite a challenge for Floyd in his first fight since May last year. As we wrote, Ortiz looked darn good in his win over Berto.

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Victor Ortiz: Marcos Maidana Is Not in my Class, Not Champion Material

Victor Ortiz, LBS’ favorite sombrero-wearing solider, recently beat Andre Berto to win the WBC welterweight title. Ortiz looked so impressive in the fight it’s made people wonder who he’ll fight next. Selcuk Aydin is the WBC mandatory challenger but his promoters probably have something bigger in mind.

Andre Berto was thought to be in the mix for a shot at Manny Pacquiao which was ultimately awarded to Sugar Shane Mosley. Since Ortiz beat Berto, he could be next in line to fight Pac Man. Floyd Mayweather Jr., who was ringside for Ortiz-Berto could be a possibility if he decides to make a return to the ring. Maybe even a rematch with Andre Berto could be appealing. But a fight we know won’t happen is a rematch between Ortiz and Marcos Maidana.

Ortiz is 29-2-2 with his most recent (and significant) loss coming two years ago against Maidana. Ortiz knocked Maidana down three times but lost by TKO in the 6th. He also says the two aren’t in the same class. When asked about a Maidana or Berto rematch on On the Grind’s Boxing show via Boxing Scene, Ortiz laughed.

“Maidana? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I honestly had a fluke, off-night that night. Maidana isn’t anywhere near the caliber fighter I am nor Andre Berto. For anyone who can ask a question [like that] is a slap in the face to both Berto and myself.”

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Victor Ortiz Sports a Gigantic Sombrero

The fight between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto was pretty darn entertaining but the best part had to have been the gigantic sombrero Ortiz wore into the ring. That thing was straight out of Dumb and Dumber right there. My guess is he’s vying to become the new face of Tapatio Sauce, or he’s hoping to create another flavor of Otter Pops. What would that look like? We have an idea:

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