Rangers fan ejected after refusing to stop waving Texas flag, and Victor Rojas’ commentary was hilarious (Video)

A fan was ejected from the Rangers-Angels game on Wednesday night for causing a disturbance in the outfield seats, and the entire ordeal irritated Angels announcer Victor Rojas who providing hilarious commentary.

The fan was sitting to the right of center field and was addressed by an usher at the urging of third-base umpire Tim Reynolds during the top of the 10th inning. The fan was waving a Texas state flag and also operating his camera with the flash on, and he was told to stop doing both.

The fan seemed to view everything as a joke at first, but the umpire didn’t find his refusal to remove the flag to be very funny. After being warned, the fan hung the flag over the railing and the umpire pointed out to center field again, this time resulting in the fan’s ejection.

“Explain to your kids on the drive home why you got kicked out,” said Rojas, embodying the feelings of annoyed spectators everywhere.

Served the fan right that he missed the Rangers’ impressive comeback in the bottom of the inning. What a dunce.

Angels Broadcasters Put on Wrestling Masks for Good Luck in Extra Innings

The Angels and Red Sox played a marathon game at Fenway Park Wednesday evening that took nearly eight hours to complete. The game was delayed in the top of the 5th inning for 2:35 because of rain. After it resumed, the Angels took the lead but blew it by allowing Boston to score two runs in the bottom of the 9th. The game headed to extras where neither team scored for three innings. Convinced they needed to do something to change the Angels’ luck, telecasters Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza decided to throw on Angels wrestling masks:

Gubi and Rojas kept the masks on the entire inning and Mark even exclaimed “I can’t see, but it’s working though!” after Howie Kendrick led off the inning with a single. They ended up scoring two runs thanks to a Bobby Abreu single, and they won 5-3 in 13.

If you’re unfamiliar with the wrestling mask, here’s the background. We’ve seen plenty of good luck charms used by baseball teams, but this has to be the best. Nicely done, boys. I credit this victory to you.