Zamboni driver at peewee hockey center caught driving drunk on the ice (Video)

A little over a month ago, we published a story about Joel Bruss, a Minnesota man who was busted for DUI after driving a Zamboni erratically at a peewee hockey center. And now, thanks to an enterprising (and hilarious) 12-year-old, video of the driver in action has emerged.

As the video details, Bruss does an atrocious job of resurfacing the ice, much to the ridicule of Cullen Beck, the kid who captured everything with his cell-phone camera. Police soon after arrived at the arena and arrested Bruss for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Bruss failed all of their field-sobriety tests and was later found to have a blood-alcohol content of a whopping 0.32 — four-times the legal limit. He currently faces four counts of drunken driving for the episode and has previously been convicted for two prior incidents of driving plastered.

While drunk driving is nothing to laugh at, Beck’s commentary is. We particularly like the line, “I hope he realizes that he sucks.” And we for that, we give Beck a stick-tap.

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Dude Driving Zamboni Popped for DUI

If I had a bucket list, driving a Zamboni while plastered would easily make the top five. I mean who hasn’t dreamed of driving around one of those tanks while wasted? In many ways, it’s just like returning to kindergarten just so you can color outside all the lines you damn well please.

Well one dude in Minnesota apparently made it happen Monday night.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, officers were called to the Hayes ice arena after people noticed the Zamboni dude was driving erratically. Police say the man was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol when they arrived. The driver failed a field sobriety test and was arrested and taken to police headquarters for a blood-alcohol test.

I’d go on laughing and joking about this, but what’s sad is that this clown apparently has a real drinking and driving problem — he’s been convicted of DUI three times. Still, riding around in a Zamboni while smashed sounds like a lot of fun. Minus the whole DUI accusation, I’m jealous.

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