Jo-Wilfried Tsonga hit in manly region by Andy Murray (Video)

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga had to fight through some serious pain during his semifinal match against Andy Murray at Wimbledon on Friday after being hit in about the worst place possible for a man.

Tsonga was serving up 5-3 in the third set after being down two sets to none when he got drilled in the manly region. The Frenchman had hit a drop volley and Murray came in for the passing shot, but the only thing the ball passed through was Tsonga’s groin.

Jo-Wilfried went down immediately in pain and needed to take a knee, only this time it wasn’t in celebration. After taking about a minute to recover, Tsonga resumed his serve and won the set 6-3 to continue the match.

At least Tsonga didn’t pull a Tomas Berdych after the match.

Thanks to LBS contributor A. Liu for the tip

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  • Anonymous

    Tsonga proved his mettle as a good sport and a gentleman after the unfortunate groin incident.  He shook off the pain in record time to continue play and, in defeat, embraced and congratulated Andy Murray as the victor.  Sports fans the world over saw a winning performance of a wonderful athlete in every sense of the word. 

  • Anonymous

    Shocked at how classless the intentional shot was. We who play tennis at a high level, USTA 4.5 know that you hit at the guy if you have no choice. Murray had the down the line, EASY shot. Murray tried to intimidate Tsonga and I am apalled by the act. Karma, baby, Karma.