The Sports Test

Copy and paste this into the body of an email, replace my answers with yours, and send to larry@larrybrownsports.com

(For all questions, answer with best of all-time, living or deceased)

  1. What sporting event would you most want to attend and how much would you pay for tickets? UCLA in the NCAA hoops title game – I’d go for nose bleeds at $500 or so
  2. Best sporting event you’ve ever attended? Game 7 2002 World Series, my Angels won it all!
  3. There’s a fan wearing gear from an opposing team in your section, what do you do? Heckle the shit out of him/her
  4. 2 minute drill, you need a TD to win the Super Bowl, who’s quarterbacking your team? John Elway
  5. You’re starting an NFL franchise, who you hiring as your head coach? Bill Belichick
  6. 3rd and 4, you need a 1st down to ice the game, who’s your RB? Barry Sanders
  7. Goal-line stand, who’s leading your defense? Lawrence Taylor
  8. Game 7 of the World Series, bases loaded, down by 3, 2 outs, who you sending to the plate? Babe Ruth
  9. Game 7 of the World Series, who you sending to the hill? Sandy Koufax
  10. Down by 1, game 7 NBA Finals, who’s taking your last shot? Michael Jordan
  11. Who’s defending him? Gary Payton
  12. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals goes to a shootout, who’s shooting for you? Wayne Gretzky
  13. Who’s your goalie? Patrick Roy
  14. Best pound for pound fighter all-time? Henry Armstrong
  15. All golfers all-time compete in the Masters, who wins it? Tiger Woods
  16. All tennis players all-time compete at Wimbledon, who wins it? Pete Sampras
  17. 64 team field NCAA tourney all-time, who wins it?71-’72 UCLA Bruins
  18. 16 team college football playoff all-time, who wins it? ’95 Nebraska
  19. Your favorite under-dog of all-time? Super Bowl III champion Jets
  20. 1 rule you’d want to change most in any sport? I’d try to unify boxing under one organization and make them fight on a ladder system
  21. Best rivalry in sports? UCLA vs USC
  22. If you could play catch with one person, who would it be? Greg Maddux
  23. If you could play HORSE with one person, who would it be? Gilbert Arenas
  24. Sports wager that cost you the most? Vernon Forrest/Ricardo Mayorga I
  25. Sports wager that won you the most? Chris Kaman’s Central Michigan ’03 tourney upset of Creighton