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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Finally, the Return of the Taser

It’s about time. I was beginning to have withdrawals. After being exposed to all these incidents involving the Taser, I was starting to think sporting event security teams may have been asked to cut down on the zapping. Fear not, Taser fans.  An incident that occurred at a Daytona Cubs minor league baseball game has restored the faith of those who look forward to seeing fans go down at the hands of an electric charge. Check out the video of a Daytona Cubs fan being Tasered after a struggle with security, courtesy of Busted Coverage:

The best part has to be the cop yelling, “Tase him! Tase him! Tase him!” Once again, a situation where I feel like the security staff showcased their laziness by dropping the guy with a Taser. You call that a struggle? There’s two security guards and one “perp” here. They obviously just love using these things. Maybe I would too if I was a cop, so I’ll try my best not to judge.

Video: Daytona Cubs Fan Gets Tased While Scuffling With Police! [Busted Coverage]
Video Credit: YouTube user SuperRandomFunnyVidz

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