Singer Alexis Normand butchers national anthem at Memorial Cup (Video)

Alexis NormandPoor Alexis Normand. Prior to a Memorial Cup game between the Halifax Mooseheads and Portland Winterhawks on Saturday in Saskatoon, the Canadian singer delivered one of the worst renditions of The Star-Spangled Banner we have ever heard.

Normand got off to a nice start with the song, but her first error came when she got the “twilight’s last gleaming” part wrong. She continued along but began to trail off when she couldn’t remember how to close the next line. Normand then paused for several seconds to regroup, but she began mixing the lines all over the place, leading to groans from the crowd. Some of the players on the bench could even be seen trying to contain their laughter.

Normand continued to jumble the lyrics and re-sing parts of the song she had already sung.

As Normand started to end the song, the crowd tried to pick her up by singing some of the words to get her back on track. Mercifully, the performance finally came to an end after a painful minute and a half. It was like watching the answering machine scene from “Swingers” — you have your hands on your head in frustration just hoping it will finally stop.

As bad as the performance was, it’s possible that Normand wasn’t really at fault. According to TVA Sports reporter L.A. Lariviere, Normand has a pretty solid excuse for her poor performance:

Normand also tweeted an apology:

Normand probably only prepared to sing “O Canada,” which is the Canadian national anthem, and didn’t realize she would also have to sing The Star-Spangled Banner because a team from Oregon was playing.

Here’s hoping they bring her back for Portland’s next game on Monday so that she gets a shot at redemption.

And why do the anthem screw-ups generally involve a Canadian and American team?

Here’s Alexis’ website if you want to learn more about her.

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  • NorthernPaladin

    The blame is on the event organizers for not making it clear what she had to perform and giving her time to prepare, or else finding a singer who already knew both anthems. I doubt many American singers would be able to stand up and sing “O Canada” at a moment’s notice, either!

  • john mason

    This time, I have to hold my fire. They should have told her. This was not her fault. She may even have grounds to sue somebody for putting her in that position. The girl has much more nerve and courage than me, she gave it what she could without walking off the damn ice rink. File this under Accident, not America Hater.

  • john mason

    I’m from Michigan, near Ontario, Canada. Many Canadian fans would be highly p/o if you “refused” to sing their anthem in French. Believe me, it would not go unnoticed in the far north.

  • T. J. Ramsay

    Not her fault, not her fault at all. Why on earth would one expect a Canadian to learn a song in short order that American performers with years of experience often butcher? In addition, that song was written because we had attacked Canada. Maybe the OOOPS should be the organizers.

  • POman

    Glad to see so many people supporting her. It looked like the crowd was supportive too. Tough job, she had. I probably would have turned and ran. Great work sticking it out, Alexis. Free publicity anyway, thanks for putting a link to her website Larry!