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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Alex Cora addresses panicked Red Sox fans with latest tweet

Alex Cora

The Boston Red Sox could not be off to much worse of a start in 2019, but their manager is one of the many people who think panicking eight games into the season is a bit absurd.

After his team dropped yet another game to the Oakland A’s on Thursday to fall to 2-6, Alex Cora sent a not-so-subtle message to Red Sox Nation.

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you probably could have figured out that the song title of the track Cora shared translates to “calm.”

The Red Sox have not gotten many solid performances from the starting pitching that carried them to a World Series win last year, and even their typically tremendous defensive outfield made an embarrassing mistake on Thursday.

Not much has gone right for Boston to start the year, and it appears a genuine World Series hangover could be at play. That said, they have returned almost their entire core from last year, and we saw what that team accomplished. Cora isn’t the only one who is trying to get Red Sox fans to calm down after the terrible start, and another top American League team is actually dealing with similar issues.

A West Coast road trip to begin the season is tough, and it looks like the Red Sox are feeling the effects of that. Cora is right that it is far too early to worry.

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