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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Bryce Harper becomes meme after mispronouncing ‘meme’ (Video)

Bryce Harper

All Bryce Harper wanted to do was avoid becoming a meme. All he ended up doing was becoming a meme.

Harper was interviewed by ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt about winning the NL MVP award Thursday. SVP decided to get cute with Harper by asking him some funny questions. He asked whether Harper would rather be bald or never have another double-digit homer season.

Harper said he didn’t want to choose baldness because he knew it would generate tons of memes online, but his one problem was he mispronounced the word:

It’s actually pronounced “meem,” not “meh-may,” Bryce. And by not wanting to become a meme, are you talking about trying to avoid this?

The guy who was playing mental chess and was so careful he knew how asking for baldness would generate memes ended up inadvertently becoming one by mispronouncing the word. Poor guy.

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