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Monday, December 17, 2018

Clay Buchholz supposedly lost seven pounds in one start

Clay-Buchholz-Red-SoxClay Buchholz has had flashes where he looks like he can be one of the most dominant pitchers in the American League, but the Boston Red Sox starter finds it impossible to stay healthy. He missed most of the second half of the 2013 season with an injury that was described as everything from “fatigue” to a strained joint in his shoulder. So what’s the latest?

Buchholz is all but certain to be headed for the DL after he was shelled once again against the Atlanta Braves on Monday. Manager John Farrell has been left making excuses for the 29-year-old, one of the latest being extreme weight loss.

“He lost seven pounds yesterday which for Clay is almost unheard of,” Farrell said on Monday, via WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford. “It’€™s different than the weather we’€™ve been involved in. That’€™s not going to be used as an excuse.”

If losing seven pounds in the 90-degree Atlanta heat isn’t going to be used as an excuse, maybe the Red Sox can blame the pitcher’s mound at Turner Field. Or how about having to run the bases during interleague play? Hell, why not all of the above?

“We’€™ve got to get through tomorrow’€™s bullpen,” Farrell said. “After he ran the bases yesterday, there was a pitch where his landing leg gave out. We’€™ve got to make sure that he gets through his bullpen session (to determine if) that knee, where he felt was a little hyperextended, doesn’€™t persist or show any further soreness. That’€™s where we are right now.”

After making several excuses that he insisted weren’t excuses, Farrell acknowledged that Buchholz is struggling mentally and has gotten shelled all year long.

I’ve seen more than a little bit of Buchholz over the past several years, and it’s obvious he’s a mental midget. He’s a guy who has the stuff needed to dominate any division in baseball, but everything has to be perfect. Buchholz is the exact opposite of a workhorse.

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