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Monday, May 25, 2020

Lenny Dykstra Could be Headed Back to Jail After Ex-Manager Withdraws Bail, Worried He Could Leave for Mexico

Lenny Dykstra could be headed back to jail after his former manager withdrew the $30,000 bail he posted on behalf of Dykstra earlier this year, LBS has learned.

Dan Herman, who owns Chinga Chang Records, quit as Dykstra’s business manager two weeks ago. He tells LBS that Dykstra is a liar who cannot be trusted, and he is withdrawing the bail because he is worried Dykstra could flee to Mexico.

“He’s that type of guy,” Herman says.

Herman says he was first contacted by Dykstra after the former ballplayer and his accountant heard him doing a radio. In that interview, Herman mentioned how growing up in Philadelphia, he idolized Dykstra. When Dykstra and his accountant, Robert Hymers, first reached out to Herman, they wanted $20,000. Herman says he offered to become Lenny’s business manager instead.

After Dykstra was arrested earlier this year on state and federal charges, Herman attempted to rehab the image of his childhood hero. He set up an interview with a Philadelphia newspaper, and had Dykstra write an open letter to the New York Post. He also set up various autograph signings to help Dykstra generate some income.

Herman posted $30,000 to help bail Dykstra out of jail on federal charges earlier this year. Dykstra was indicted on state charges shortly thereafter and was in the county’s control because nobody was willing to pay his $500,000 bail. He was in county control until last month when he accepted a plea bargain. Now that he’s out, Herman is fearful that the pathological liar may flee the country, so he’s filed to withdraw the bail from federal court.

“He never tells the truth,” Herman says. “He doesn’t tell the truth about anything. I don’t want to risk a penny of my money on a liar.”

After Dykstra’s attorney informed Lenny that his bail was being withdrawn, the former Phillie went on an anti-Semitic rant directed at Herman.

Dykstra called Herman a “penny pinching jew gold hoarding kid trying to put me back in the cooler bro.”

The crazed ex-ballplayer tried to claim the media had taken his anti-Semitic remarks out of context. As if any context were needed for an ethnic slur.

“I didn’t know what to make of it,” Herman says, recalling his thoughts after reading the rant. “He’s gotta be on drugs or pills.”

Herman also explains what happened with the celebrity boxing fight he was supposed to have against Jose Canseco. Dykstra had an autograph show scheduled for the same time, but when he realized how much more money he was going to make from the fight, he wanted to do that instead.

Dykstra negotiated the contract and made sure that money would be delivered to him before the fight to a specific address. They didn’t know it at the time of the negotiation, but the address was for a rehab facility where Dykstra was staying. Herman is unsure if Dykstra got the money.

Why did Dykstra back out of the fight?

“Fear,” Herman surmises. “I think it was fear. In my experience with Lenny Dykstra, anytime he does something and it hits the press, he gets scared.

“I think in the back of his head, he thought he would tell these guys he would do it, get some money out of them, tell them he was going to do it, back out, and then use the connection to kind of bottom feed,” Herman figured.

“He’s basically a prostitute who uses his former likeness parasitically on people who actually work for a living.”

Dykstra is likely to go back to jail if his bail cannot be replaced, or if the judge does not lower the bail amount to something more affordable.

Based on Herman’s words, why should it be lowered? Maybe jail is the best place for the disgraced former player.

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