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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Raul Ibanez Hurt Himself Sleeping

Look, it’s baseball, home to the weird injury. But this has to make the list. Right up there with Sammy Sosa’s unusual sneeze, Clint Barmes’ deer meat, and Jay Witasick’s watermelon elbow. Raul Ibanez didn’t play for the third time in four games because of a sleeping injury. Seriously.

It’s certainly not the most glamorous-sounding sports injury in history. Raul Ibanez hurt himself sleeping, and he can’t play because he can’t stand still.

“I never should have played the other day,” Ibanez said. “It’s just been bothering me. It happened on the plane from Detroit (on Thursday), and the next day I really felt it. I just slept the wrong way.”

Sure, am I being a little harsh on the guy? Yeah. Haven’t most of us awakened from traveling with stiff nicks? Yeah. But damn, we’re not all professional athletes here who have a responsibility to our teams. I’m sorry if I’m not too sympathetic for the guy. Get a freakin’ masseuse to rub you down and get out there. What are you waiting for?

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