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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Did Wade Boggs really drink 107 beers in a day?

MLB Hall of Famer Wade Boggs inspired a scene that will air as part of the Season 10 premiere of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Apparently the former Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees legend is known as much for his beer-drinking ability as his hitting prowess.

The scene, in which Boggs actually makes a cameo appearance, involves the show’s characters trying to break Boggs’ infamous record of amount of beers consumed on a cross-country flight. Actor Charlie Day explained the story behind the scene on Jimmy Fallon’s show Monday night.

“Boggs was famous for baseball. He was also famous for the amount of beer he could drink,” Day said. “Supposedly when they would have these cross-country flights, he would drink on average 40 to 50 — some say 70 — beers.”


The beer-guzzling stories must be true to a certain extent, otherwise Boggs would never have agreed to come on the show. Day said he is fairly certain Boggs was drinking actual beer while filming the scene. And, get this, Boggs told Day his actual record is 107 beers in a day.

“He told me that the actual number — he pulled me aside and was like, ‘Charlie, really, it was 107,'” Day said. “How is that possible?”

It’s not possible, we don’t think. The real question is how many beers did Boggs drink before he busted out these classic dance moves? If he can pound 107 in a day, he had to have been at least 79 deep at that point.

Video via The Big Lead

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