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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Kyrie Irving ‘likes’ video of LeBron yelling in team huddle

LeBron James Cavs

Kyrie Irving took note of LeBron James getting animated in a team huddle while the Cleveland Cavaliers were getting blown out by the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night.

An Instagram account called “Ballgod” shared video of James addressing his team in a huddle late in the second quarter while the Cavs were losing to the Raptors. Irving was among those to “like” the video on the social media service:

First, we don’t know what James was saying in the huddle, only that we know he was animated and seemed to be motivating his team. Second, we don’t know if Irving “liked” the video because he finds it humorous that the Cavs are struggling, or because he liked what he felt was some leadership shown by James.

Nothing can be assumed, but many figure Irving was laughing at the Cavs’ situation. It wouldn’t be the first time people have speculated that one of the two was taking a shot at the other over social media.

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