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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Pistons Are Just Too Good

Let’s see, no NBA team has ever lost a series after going up 3-0. I’d say the Bulls are done. How demoralized must they be after losing a 19-point lead at home? How can you lose control like that? And how good are the Pistons to be able to come back and win the game? They held the Bulls to 16% shooting in the 4th quarter. 16%. Skim milk thinks that’s low. So let’s get this straight — Detroit cruised to a sweep over Orlando. They’re cruising to a 3-0 lead over Chicago. And Chicago cruised to a sweep over the Heat. By the transitive property of NBA Playoff teams, the Detroit Pistons are far and away the best in the East. But you really didn’t need me to say that did you? You already knew it.

The question for them isn’t whether they can escape Cleveland. It’s: can they win it all? I think that type of win on Thursday night proves the Pistons can do anything, win any game. Not getting down. Coming back. When another team was amped up at home, they spit on their faces and kicked em off the mountain top. It’s that type of attitude that wins championships. If Detroit wins it all, I think you can look back at Game 3 against Chicago as the big turning point which gave them the confidence to feel that they are unstoppable. I mean, is there anything less to take away from this win?

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