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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Amir Khan-Zab Judah Prepared to Settle on 55-45 Purse Split (Update)

Amir Khan is 25-1, the current WBA lightweight champion, and he’s won his last seven fights in a row. Trainer Freddie Roach says Khan isn’t ready for a clash with Manny Pacquiao yet, but there is little doubt that he is one of the preeminent fighters in the 140-pound division. After destroying Paul McCloskey his last time out, Khan is searching for a new opponent.

Timothy Bradley, who should be fighting Khan, turned down an offer because the money wasn’t worth the risk. Erik Morales reportedly turned down a $1.5 million offer to face Khan because he knew it was a bad matchup for him. Zab Judah should feel the same way, but apparently he’s down for the paycheck. Actually, he’s pushing for better terms in the negotiations even though Khan is far superior.

While Khan’s team was pushing for a 60-40 split in the proposed fight with Zab Judah, Zab’s team wanted things split 50-50. But Boxing Scene reports that Judah’s team is prepared to accept a 55-45 purse split as long as the fight takes place in Atlantic City; Khan wants the fight in Las Vegas.

If you judge things based on talent level and recent performance, the terms should be in Khan’s favor. The problem is Khan is from the U.K. and immensely popular overseas, but he’s trying to build up his name in the U.S. where Judah already has popularity. That’s why Khan has less leverage in negotiations. However, Khan has been training at Roach’s Wild Card Gym in Hollywood and spending time in LA, which could help him build his profile in America. Plus, he’s already getting an “A” when it comes to promoting the fight with Judah through trash talking.

The two have been going back and forth on twitter exchanging barbs. Here is a sampling:

From Khan: “Forget the footy match, everyone is tuned onto my twitter page war, with the lifetime award winnner, for best dance! Zab Judah”

From Zab: “Boy you a joke to me @AmirKingKhan sign and ill show you!” and “ok princess let’s fight!! Sign up Boy”

The two also took turns tweeting out pictures of each other laying on the canvas following knockdowns. I’d much rather see Khan take on an up-and-comer like Bradley than a has-been like Judah, but if Bradley won’t accept the fight, then I guess we have to settle for second best. At least these guys are getting creative by promoting their fight properly.

UPDATE: The fight has been agreed to at the 55-45 terms in favor of Khan, both Lem Satterfield and Dan Rafael report. They also confirm that the fight will take place in Las Vegas.

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