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Friday, July 10, 2020

Viral Greatness

Yasiel Puig opened beers with his teeth, celebrated in style (Video)

The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday night to clinch the NL West division title. They were more than ready to celebrate after their 9-1 victory, and you won’t be surprised to hear who led the way.

As you can see, Yasiel Puig opened beers with his teeth (they were twist-offs) and showered his teammates with them. The 23-year-old also rode a bicycle through the clubhouse and had a blast playing with the ice bucket.

The Dodgers clinched the pennant in a way that will excite their fans. Clayton Kershaw won his 21st game of the season and Puig homered as part of a four-run sixth inning. That’s the type of momentum the team will need to take into the postseason in order to be successful.

But first, they’ll need to spend some time shaking off this hangover.


Chris Sale thought Victor Martinez, Tigers were stealing signs — benches clear

Chris-Sale-sign-stealingBenches cleared during Wednesday’s game between the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers after Chris Sale hit Victor Martinez with a pitch in the sixth inning. The plunking came after Sale appeared to accuse Martinez and the Tigers of stealing signs.

As you can see from the video above, Sale sarcastically tipped his cap toward center field in the third after he struck Martinez out to end the inning. It became obvious that Sale thought someone — possibly from the Tigers bullpen — was tipping pitches to Detroit’s hitters. Sale hit Martinez the next time he faced him and the dugouts emptied.

No punches were thrown, and the Tigers got the last laugh. Sale had dominated Detroit to that point, but Martinez ended up scoring the tying run on a sacrifice fly after Sale plunked him. The lefthander’s day was done after the sixth and the Tigers went on to score five more runs and come away with a 6-1 victory.


Florida State served crab legs to recruits at Clemson game


Like any other powerhouse football program would have done, Florida State gave its top recruits the royal treatment when they visited Tallahassee last weekend to watch the Seminoles take on Clemson. According to offensive line recruit Matthew Burrell, the team treated prospective players to a gourmet spread at halftime that included — wait for it — some delicious crab legs.

“One of the best parts of the visit was the food with the crab legs,” Burrell said after his visit, according to Ryan Bartow of 247Sports.com.

Of course, crab legs are right up there with filet mignon and lobster tails when it comes to fine dining. But thanks to Jameis Winston the delicacy has a very special meaning in the college football world. You might even say it would be a good idea for FSU to leave that off the menu to avoid the jokes.

Then again, this is the same university that thought having an “Ask Jameis Winston” session on Twitter would be a good idea.

For what it’s worth, Burrell also got to meet Winston and said he was an “awesome guy.” We’re guessing Burrell didn’t have the stones to offer him any crab legs, but that would have been legendary.

H/T Eye on College Football

Nick Saban rips media for criticizing Lane Kiffin hire (Video)

Nick SabanThrough his first four games as Alabama’s offensive coordinator, it looks like Lane Kiffin was a great hire. The Tide are throwing the ball more than they did in past seasons and look more rounded on offense. They rank 12th in the nation with 335.8 passing yards per game after finishing the 2013 season ranked 45th with AJ McCarron under center. Nick Saban has decided that now is a good time to rub Kiffin’s success in the media’s face.

A reporter asked Saban on Tuesday if his communication with Kiffin has improved since the former USC coach first came on board. Saban went full “D–k Saban” on the guy and insisted it was never bad to begin with. He also took a few moments to beat his chest for making what looks like a great addition to his staff.

“If I did what you all thought when I hired the guy, he wouldn’t even be here,” Saban said, as transcribed by Jerry Hinnen of Eye on College Football. “Maybe that was the assumption — because nobody thought it was a good hire, that all of a sudden [our communication was] bad. I don’t know. I thought it was a good hire. Nobody else did. Now, I got beat up like a drum for doing it, and now all of a sudden it’s great.

“You guys don’t have any consequences for what you say or do. Our stuff ends up out there on the field on Saturday and if it ain’t done right there are consequences — in front of a whole bunch of people.”

[Related: Nick Saban is clueless about why Lane Kiffin is so disliked]

As for Kiffin finally opening things up on offense for Alabama, Saban wasn’t shy about pointing out that he has always wanted his teams to throw the ball more and stop taking such a run-heavy approach.

“I’ve been begging the offensive coordinators around here to open it up ever since I’ve been here … My philosophy hasn’t changed at all,” he said. “I’ve always asked for this. ‘Why don’t we throw the ball on this look instead of running this play where we can’t block everybody?'”

It should be noted that Alabama hasn’t exactly gotten to the meat of its schedule, but scoring 168 points in four games is pretty impressive. Kiffin has senior quarterback Blake Sims looking like a star. If the success continues, this probably won’t be the last time Saban rubs the media’s collective nose in it.

Video via 247Sports

Paulina Gretzky pregnant – shows off big baby bump

Paulina Gretzky pregnant

Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson are about to start a family.

The Little Great One announced on Instagram Tuesday that she is pregnant.

“[Dustin Johnson] & i are so excited to finally share with you all our amazing news..we’re having a baby!!” she wrote on Instagram.

Based on the photo she shared, Paulina seems to be somewhat far along in her pregnancy. She was still sharing photos on Instagram of herself in July and did not appear to be pregnant then, but she hardly shared any photos of herself on the service from late July to September. The only photo she shared this month was of her concealing her belly with a robe/jacket:

Gretzky and Johnson met after being set up by Paulina’s mother, Janet, in late 2011, and they hit it off. They announced their engagement in Aug., 2013 after months of Paulina following Dustin around tour.

Johnson has been on leave from the PGA Tour since late July, reportedly to serve a six-month suspension for a positive cocaine test. Wayne Gretzky said in an interview that he told DJ to clean up his act. Could that be because he knew Dustin was about to become a permanent fixture in their lives?


The Mighty Ducks 2 reunion looked awesome

Mighty Ducks 2 Flying V

On Sunday in Brentwood, Calif., something awesome happened.

Several cast members from the lovable children’s hockey movie “Mighty Ducks 2” got together for a reunion, bringing back oh so many great memories for them and us.

Although the film only grossed around $45 million at the box office, it became a cult classic within the children’s demographic. My cousins used to watch it all the time on their family trips (they had a VCR in the car) and we convinced them to let us borrow it. My sister and I loved it so much we literally watched it every day after school for a month straight before returning the movie. By then we had every line memorized.

I loved it. You loved it. We all loved it. And it’s awesome to see most of the cast get together again for the reunion.

Below are several photos from the reunion, as shared by some of the actors on social media. The notable absences from the reunion included Joshua Jackson (Charlie Conway), Kenan Thompson (Russ Tyler), and Emilio Estevez (Gordon Bombay).

From left to right:
Luis Mendoza, Guy Germaine, Connie Moreau, Adam Banks, Dean Portman, Gunnar Stahl.

Below are more photos.


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Jose Altuve jumping to swing at pitch is great (Video)

jose-altuve-jump-swingJose Altuve has a season to remember for the Houston Astros. On Monday, Altuve added to his 2014 highlight reel by going airborne to hit a pitch by Roman Mendez that was just a bit above the strike zone … all in the name of doing his job on a hit and run.

With the hit and run called, it was Altuve’s job to swing at the pitch regardless of where it was thrown, and the goal was for him to hit the ball on the ground to the right side where there would be a hole because of the second baseman covering for the stolen base attempt.

The Astros probably knew they could trust Altuve on the play after seeing him perfectly execute a hit and run on another high pitch Friday:

For all of his talents, it’s worth noting Altuve is listed at 5’6″, which no doubt adds to the greatness of the moment.

With less than a week remaining in the regular season, Jose Altuve leads the majors with a .345 average and 220 hits. Unfortunately, he was unable to add another hit to his total on this particular pitch, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. Altuve also leads the American League with 54 stolen bases.

Video: Twitter/d_moore55