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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Announcer Mark Adams Flips Out During Backyard Brawl

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Bob Huggins had to address the West Virginia fans in attendance for throwing crap on the court, things got worse later in the game. A brief altercation amongst the players was broken up pretty quickly by the refs but then they had another issue on their hands: Pitt assistant coach Tom Herrion was hit in the cheek by a coin. While chucking a coin at an opposing team’s coach is pretty low, nothing compares to the outrage expressed by announcer Mark Adams. It’s priceless:

Here are some of the highlights: “That’s crap. That is simply not acceptable in college basketball … or any place else! That is not acceptable. You should be able to come to a place and play basketball and not be fearful of your personal safety!”

It’s no surprise to find out that Mark Adams is a motivational speaker whose website boasts, “Mark is Prepared, Entertaining, Educational and always Passionate during his broadcasts and presentations.” While I can’t speak for adjectives one and three, he definitely nailed the entertaining and passionate parts. There’s no doubt that if I ever needed a motivational speaker, I’d book with EnthusiAdams!

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