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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Jameis Winston police report indicates theft was intentional

Jameis Winston crab legs

I swear to you that when I first heard that Jameis Winston was cited for allegedly stealing some gourmet seafood from a grocery store, I thought it had to be a prank. I had this “Animal House” vision and figured Brother Boone was behind Winston, stuffing the guy’s sweater with crab legs as a joke. Because no sane person actually takes the time to order seafood from the deli counter, specify what kind of seasoning they want on it, and then walk out with the grub.

Who leaves that kind of trail? Apparently Winston does.

Tallahassee.com obtained the police report from the incident and there is one detail that makes it seem pretty obvious that the theft was intentional.

According to the police report, Winston went to the seafood counter to order his food — 3 pounds of crab legs with Old Bay seasoning and one pound of steamed crawfish with Cajun seasoning. He took a spin around the market and went back to pick up his food. He also grabbed some butter before making his way out of the store. But the tip-off about the theft came from security video, which apparently shows Winston appearing to “pause in front of a Leon County deputy who was working in-store security detail at the time.” The belief was that the pause was an attempt by Winston to avoid walking in front of the deputy because he knew he was stealing.

Winston was initially suspended from Florida State’s baseball team for the theft, but he was reinstated after doing 20 hours of community service.

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