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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Lane Kiffin Tinder: Woman accuses OC of sneaky Tindering

Lane Kiffin

Does Lane Kiffin, national champion offensive coordinator and former head college football coach, need to use the same methods as the rest of the single population to meet women?

An Auburn graduate named Ashley Spry shared some very entertaining information with Busted Coverage about her Tinder endeavors with Kiffin. The stories are a bit challenging to follow, but basically Spry says she matched with Kiffin on Tinder and believes she was later asked to follow his alias Snapchat account. There was also a Twitter account that Spry claims Kiffin uses to chat with Tinder matches.

According to Spry, Kiffin had a “fake Tinder” from which he asked her if she knew his friend, Lane Kiffin. Coincidentally, Kiffin’s official Twitter account promptly followed her. He also asked her to follow him on Snapchat from an alias name, but Spry says only Kiffin has ever sent her snaps from the account. Kiffin also gave her a phone number to call, and she claims she always spoke to Lane when calling that number.

You can see all of the relevant screenshots here.

And, last but not least, the kicker: Spry says she woke up to a private number calling her multiple times in the middle of the night back in March — roughly two weeks after she had been chatting with Kiffin. When she finally answered, she says a woman named Kasey was on the other end and said she was “going through Lane’s phone and blocking all of his sl–s.”

We have no way of knowing if all of this is true, but it would be a pretty elaborate story to make up. One thing we do know is that it’s fun to think of Kiffin having to go to such great lengths to pick up women after divorcing his incredibly hot wife.

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