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Monday, June 17, 2019

MMA Fighter Showing Us A Proper Choke Hold Using His Infant Child

Cue the outraged humanitarians and unfit parent comments.   Heck, go ahead and throw a few child abuse accusations in there while you’re at it. Before people overreact to this video like I’ve already seen a few commenters on other blogs doing, let’s remember it’s obvious Alan Belcher isn’t hurting his own baby.  The baby looks more confused than anything and it’s clearly all in good fun.  It’s actually pretty funny to watch her “what the hell is he doing to me?” face.  If Chuck Liddell can exercise in the nude, why can’t Belcher have a fun moment with his kid?  Without further ado, here’s a video of Alan Belcher demonstrating a rear naked choke hold on his infant daugter, courtesy of Middle Easy:

SbB Live
Watch Alan Belcher rear naked choke an infant [Middle Easy]

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