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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Prince was a good high school basketball player like Chappelle’s Show said

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Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories weren’t lying: Prince really is a good basketball player.

The legend of Prince’s basketball playing abilities was covered in a season 2 episode of “Chappelle’s Show” back in 2004, but it was hard to know whether the show was embellishing or telling the truth. Apparently we have an idea now that Prince actually was a baller.

Libor Jany of the Minneapolis Star Tribune dug up some archives and shared a few newspaper clips on Twitter Tuesday about Prince’s high school basketball career. You can read one of the articles here:

Prince is only 5-foot-2 and a flamboyant recording artist, so most would not figure him to be a good ballplayer. However, that notion was completely dismissed when Eddie Murphy’s brother Charlie shared an absolutely hilarious story during a sketch on the show. Murphy’s story was that Prince and some of his friends beat Murphy and his friends in a game of pickup basketball at Prince’s house several years ago. The hysterical and iconic sketch led to the fantastic “game, blouses” catch phrase, allegedly said by Prince after he had whooped Murphy’s crew.

Though the newspaper article mentions that Prince was a good player who had a hard time finding minutes on a talented team, it does not say anything about whether or not he served opponents pancakes after games.

Finding out that Prince was a baller who hung out with jocks in high school was probably the most shocked I’ve been since hearing this story.

Photo: Strib Jany

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