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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Chris Cooley speculates that Scot McCloughan is abusing alcohol

Chris Cooley is certainly not shy about saying what’s on his mind, and he was at it again on Tuesday.

A question that has been asked recently around the Washington D.C. area is why Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan has not been allowed to speak with the media. There could be any number of reasons why we have not heard from McCloughan, including the team wanting him to focus on his responsibilities. Former Redskins player Chris Cooley offered his own idea.

While on ESPN Radio 980, Cooley brought McCloughan’s past issues with alcohol and wondering if he has turned to drinking again.

“You start to wonder, what the hell is going on here?” Cooley asked, as transcribed by The Washington Post. “And I start to look at this and say, ‘Do we not trust what Scot McCloughan is going to say to the media, and is that why he’s not allowed to talk to the media?’ And if we don’t trust what he’s going to say to the media, why don’t we trust what he’s going to say to the media?”

“Now, if you look at the history of Scot McCloughan, I think the one thing that you’d immediately start to flush out as to why we don’t trust what he’s going to say is that he’s had a drinking problem over his entire career,” Cooley continued. “And so you ask right away, is he drinking?”

Cooley went on to say that it’s nothing he has “heard or been told,” but to wonder about something like that on the radio could be an invitation for backlash. It’s also worth noting that Cooley serves as an analyst for the Redskins during their game broadcasts, which makes the situation even more delicate.

To say Cooley has rubbed a few people the wrong with statements he’s made in public would be an understatement. Earlier this year, Cooley made comments about Robert Griffin III and his relationship with Kirk Cousins during his radio show. That prompted a former teammate of Cooley’s to take to Twitter and demand the former tight end be taken off the air. You can see who that was here.

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