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#pounditMonday, April 22, 2024

Jalen Ramsey does not back down from calling Josh Allen ‘trash’

Josh Allen

Josh Allen appears to be on track to return from his injury to face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, which means the rookie quarterback will have a chance to prove himself against Jalen Ramsey. And if you think Ramsey is going to back down from his controversial offseason remarks ahead of a matchup against the Buffalo Bills, you’re wrong.

During his infamous interview with GQ Magazine that was published back in August, Ramsey bashed several NFL quarterbacks. The All-Pro cornerback had a particularly unflattering assessment of Allen, whom he called “trash” and said he was “excited as hell” that the Jags get to face the former Wyoming star this season.

On Tuesday, Ramsey said he stands by what he said about Allen.

It’s unclear exactly what Ramsey is referring to when he says he had a reason for being so harsh on Allen. Some believe it’s so Ramsey can intimidate the rookie and hopefully challenge him into throwing in his direction, while others think Ramsey took aim at Allen because of the racist tweets he sent years ago that went viral before the Bills drafted him.

Whatever the case, Allen said Monday that he “could care less” what Ramsey thinks and is only worried about his own teammates. The rookie will have a tough task in front of him if he does return from his arm injury on Sunday.

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