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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Jason Pierre-Paul memes from fireworks accident are pretty funny

Jason Pierre Paul Happy Gilmore

Look, we don’t want to laugh at the misfortune of Jason Pierre-Paul. We feel badly that the talented defensive lineman suffered some serious hand injuries while blowing up some fireworks over July 4th weekend. But it’s hard to see some of the memes that transpired after word of Pierre-Paul’s accident began to circulate on Twitter and not laugh at them.

Some of the memes may be misguided and not a reflection of reality (it’s uncertain whether he actually lost any part of his hand or fingers), but if they don’t give you a chuckle, you’re either one of his family members or don’t have a sense of humor.

I’m sure some of these memes would even make JPP laugh:

And here is the best:

Image via Twitter/StrategicManiac
H/T Chris Bennett and KFC Barstool for all the RTs

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