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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Jay Cutler Does Not Regret Swearing at Mike Martz Over Play Call

Thanks to recent advances in technology and a desire to improve the in-home NFL experience, we now get to hear more of what goes on between the numbers on the field.  When guys don’t refuse to wear their microphones like the league requires, we get to hear things like Jay Cutler expressing his displeasure with the Bears play calling.

When the Bears had a 23-3 lead over the Vikings late in the first half on Sunday night, Chicago offensive coordinator Mike Martz decided to get conservative.  Rather than call a pass play and risk a turnover with only 43 seconds remaining in the half, Martz called for a draw on 3rd and 7.  When word came in of the play call, Cutler could clearly be heard saying, “Tell Mike I said **** him” as he entered the huddle.  On Wednesday, Cutler expressed no regret for what he said.

“Things happen,” Cutler said according to the Chicago Tribune. “You (media) guys were fighting in the hallways last week. I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. It’s not a big deal. We’re all on the same team and we’re going to try to win ballgames.

“They have cameras everywhere now. That’s the media and that’s how it is these days. They are going to try to create stories and they are going to try to find anything to make something out of nothing.”

Cutler was then asked if he regretted relaying that message to his offensive coordinator to which he simply replied, “No.”  He said that every call is important whether a team is up three touchdowns or three points.  For the record, Martz made it clear that he was not offended in any way.

While hearing a quarterback say something like that is certainly good entertainment, people have made it out to be way more serious than it is.  NFL quarterbacks always want to throw the ball.  That’s how they were able to elevate their game to this level in the first place.  When a coach calls for a run play on third down, almost every NFL quarterback is pissed off.  Some just have animated ways of showing it.

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