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Monday, September 16, 2019

Tom Brady Sr. defends Peyton Manning against HGH allegations

Peyton Manning

Tom Brady Sr. is still trying to get over his son being dragged through the mud by the NFL over the past year, and he hopes the Patriots quarterback’s most noted rival does not have to deal with a similar situation.

In an interview with Christopher Gasper of The Boston Globe, Brady Sr. spoke about how “difficult” the past year has been for the Brady family, what with Deflategate and court hearings and everything in between. And he does not want Peyton Manning to go through the same thing with HGH allegations.

“It bothers me that people are trying to pile on Peyton Manning,” Brady Sr. said. “Until there is hard evidence don’t do to Peyton what they did to Tommy last year, pile on without proof and evidence. It’s unjustified.”

Brady Sr. also hinted he is rooting for Manning in the Super Bowl.

“If Peyton wins this thing that’s great,” he said. “He’s going out on top.”

While that’s a classy thing for him to say, it would be almost impossible to argue that people are piling on Manning the way they piled on Brady last year. Manning has remained defiant when asked if he used HGH, but the media coverage has been virtually nonexistent. Whereas Brady was almost instantly labeled a cheater, Manning has basically been let off the hook.

We’ve already said that we think it’s a pretty bad look that Manning’s wife Ashley has been accused of receiving illegal shipments of HGH. There are also plenty of red flags associated with the man who runs the clinic in Indianapolis where Manning was treated.

If Brady was accused of using HGH, his parents would probably want to move to another country.

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