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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Morning Paper: Strippers Running Loose on Golf Courses

This might help you get a few extra yards on your drives [Signal to Noise]

Turns out sports bloggers aren’t all unemployed losers [Ballhype]

The best dunkers by position in the NBA [Sons of Sam Malone]

Limericks about the Kevin Garnett trade [Miss Gossip at FanHouse]

A T-Wolves video tribute to Kevin Garnett [FanIQ]

Skanky Jodie Sweetin giving a lap dance [TMZ]

Gilbert and Daniel Snyder have Maybachs, Agent Steinz has pics [DC Sports Bog]

This could be the greatest pic of Gary Sheffield, old school [The Postmen]

Cindy Crawford sunbathing topless NSFW [The Superficial]

The history of the “player to be named later” in baseball trades [The Feed]

Fast Willie Parker has some lofty goals [PSAMP]

Little kid gets dosed by a basketball on a missed full-court shot [Part Mule]

***21 days until Hayden Panettiere turns 18***

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