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Friday, June 5, 2020

Articles tagged: 2013 British Open

Phil Mickelson incurs 61% tax rate after winning British Open

Phil-Mickelson-Claret-JugPhil Mickelson made headlines earlier this year when he ranted about his astronomically high tax rate in the state of California. While no one wants to hear one of the wealthiest athletes in the world complain about money, I can see how the tax rate he incurred after winning The Open Championship might be a bit frustrating.

The week before he won his first Open Championship, Mickelson also won the Scottish Open. Between the two tournaments, he earned $2,167,500. Not bad for two weeks of work, but the 43-year-old will take home well under half of the earnings.

As Forbes pointed out, the United Kingdom has set Scotland’s tax rate at 45% for people who make over 150,000 pounds ($230,000 US), meaning Mickelson had to leave $954,000 of his winnings in Scotland before he left. In addition to that 45%, the UK also taxes the endorsement income of non-resident athletes. Mickelson will be taxed for any bonuses he receives for winning the tournaments in addition to ranking bonuses he receives at the end of the year. Those taxes will be 45% as well.

Forbes went on to note that Mickelson can take a foreign tax credit on his 2013 US return so he is not taxed twice at the federal level for the money he earned overseas. However, he will still have to pay a 2.9% unemployment tax and 13.3% tax for the state of California. All of that math adds up to a 61.12% tax on everything he earned while dominating in Scotland. Of the $2,167,500 he earned, Mickelson will take home about $842,700 before expenses (which include paying his caddie).

Is Phil hurting for money? Hardly, but I guarantee you 99 out of 100 people who were in his position and being taxed over 60% would whine about it. As regular middle-class citizens, we just don’t want to hear it.

Fan wears windmill on head in response to Ian Poulter complaining


Ian Poulter was one of several golfers who were unhappy with the layout of the course at the British Open on Thursday. After shooting a 72 in the opening round at Muirfield, Poulter took to Twitter to complain about how difficult some of the pin placements were given how stiff the course was. One of the holes he was upset with was the 18th.

And that should help explain the gentleman you see in the photo above. Of course, Poulter was referring to a miniature golf course because he thought the pin placement on 18 was a joke. He wanted a windmill and a smile and that’s exactly what he got. Tremendous effort by the guy who went through the trouble of making that contraption.

Photo via Twitter user @JSwiss

Robert Garrigus sinks insane 100-foot putt at the British Open (Video)

Robert-Garrigus-puttRobert Garrigus buried an incredible 100-foot putt on Friday during the second round of the British Open. The putt, which was for eagle, came on the — you would have never guessed this — 15th hole.

The 15th hole at Muirfield is the one where Rory McIlroy somehow putted into a bunker during the first round and Charl Schwartzel hit a shot that was so bad he broke his club in anger. Garrigus clearly had more luck with the hole than others, as his putt looked like it was being drawn into the hole by a magnetic force.

Believe it or not, Garrigus’ putt is not the best roll we’ve seen in the past year in Scotland. Remember that amazing 153-foot putt Michael Phelps drained last year? Yeah, that guy pretty much owns at everything.

Video via Devil Ball Golf

Charl Schwartzel breaks club in anger during British Open (Video)

Charl-Schwartzel-breaks-clubThe 15th hole at Muirfield created quite the hassle for some golfers during the opening round of the British Open on Thursday. We already showed you Rory McIlroy somehow putting his ball into a bunker en route to a double-bogey, and now the hole has claimed one of Charl Schwartzel’s clubs.

Schwartzel had made three straight bogeys heading into 15 when he put his tee shot into the tall grass. His second shot was not much better, which inspired the 2011 Masters champion to throw his 6-iron in anger. It snapped in the process, meaning he will not be able to use it for the remainder of the round.

Like McIlroy, Schwartzel went on to make a double-bogey at 15. Also like McIlroy, he’ll have to play very well on Friday to make the cut.

Thanks to Shane Bacon for the video

Rory McIlroy putts into a bunker at the British Open


Rory-McIlroyRory McIlroy’s struggles on the PGA Tour this season have been well documented, and they continued during the first round of the British Open on Thursday morning. McIlroy shot a 79 in the opening round at Muirfield to finish at 8-over on the day. At one point, he even putted the ball into a bunker.

McIlroy decided to putt from the fringe on the 15th, and he put a bit too much speed behind it. The ball went cruising past the flag and into one of Muirfield’s dreaded bunkers. He ended up with a double-bogey, which was his second of the day on the back nine.

The 23-year-old has a lot of work to do if he wants to make the cut on Friday, as his opening-round stinker has placed him near dead last in the field. It looks like he may want to schedule another meeting with Nike about his clubs.

GIF via SB Nation