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Report: Browns could trade Joe Haden


There has been a lot of talk about the Cleveland Browns potentially trading Pro Bowl offensive tackle Joe Thomas before the deadline, but it could end up being another one of the team’s few star players that gets dealt.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Joe Haden, who has been battling a groin injury, is drumming up interest on the trade market.

The Browns are going nowhere at the moment, and Haden and Thomas are their two most valuable veterans. Teams that are in contention would likely be interested in either player for the right price.

Given what Browns head coach Hue Jackson said about the Thomas rumors last week, it will be interesting to see how he reacts to Haden’s name now being thrown around.

Joe Haden motivated by Cavs winning title: ‘The Cleveland curse is over’


No professional sports team in Cleveland had won a championship in 52 years prior to the Cavaliers’ incredible comeback against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Now that the drought is over, can one of the city’s other franchises follow suit?

Try not to laugh, but Joe Haden is hoping the Browns will be next.

“The Cleveland curse is over. We’ve finally got a champion in northeast Ohio,” Haden wrote in a guest feature for The MMQB. “Over my seven years as a Brown, I got so tired of hearing about the curse, about no team in the city winning a championship since the Browns won in 1964. But you’ve got to go out and end it, not just talk about ending it. And that’s what the Cavaliers did.

All shots at the Browns aside, Haden actually wrote a very captivating account of witnessing the Cavs win it all. He sat courtside during Game 6 and witnessed a vintage performance from LeBron James. He was then at a Cleveland bar during LeBron’s triple-double on Monday night.

“The emotion in the streets downtown … just unbelievable,” Haden wrote. “People flooding the streets, throwing toilet paper and celebrating, screaming. Insane. I’ve never seen anything like it. Never anything close. But that’s probably to be expected when you haven’t won a title for so long.”

Haden added that watching the Cavs erase a 3-1 series deficit and somehow win Game 7 in the toughest road venue in their sport should serve as motivation for his team.

“There’s a lesson in that for all of us in Cleveland. I know it’s a lesson that’s going to help me,” he said. “So the Curse is dead. The Cavaliers are champs. Now we’ve got to work like LeBron and the Cavs to get ours. This is motivation for our city, and motivation for our team. I am just so ready to go win a championship right now.”

You’ll have to excuse us for being skeptical, as the Browns are not in the situation the Cavs were put in when LeBron returned. Basketball is a more individually-dominated sport, and the Cavs have the best player in the game. The Browns would do well to get to .500 in the next few years, especially if they’re relying on a career revival from this guy to get them there.

You can’t blame Haden for showing some optimism, but that doesn’t make it realism just yet.

H/T Pro Football Talk

NFL looking into why Joe Haden was deactivated


The NFL is looking into why cornerback Joe Haden was listed on the injury report as “probable” by the Cleveland Browns but did not play in Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers Week 4.

A player listed as probable means just what the tag indicates; the player has a 75 percent chance of playing and in all likelihood is going to play. Even most players listed as questionable tend to play.

When a player is listed as probable but does not play, the league has questions and tends to want answers. That is happening in this case.

Pro Football Talk reports that the league is “looking into” why Haden did not play.

The Browns have 48 hours to respond and explain what happened.

On Monday Browns head coach Mike Pettine explained that they left the decision up to Haden, who has a broken finger and rib injury, and the cornerback decided he could not play. The inactive listing surprised many of his teammates, which indicates there was no funny business from Cleveland. Perhaps Pettine should have just listed Haden as questionable on the injury report.

Joe Haden defends Johnny Manziel: They were heckling him for two hours

Johnny Manziel

Joe Haden has always been one of the biggest public supporters of Johnny Manziel, and his stance has not changed in the wake of Manziel’s latest incident involving an overzealous fan.

Haden told reporters after practice on Tuesday that he has been with Manziel recently when fans were harassing Manziel about his stint in rehab.

“I’m walking around with Johnny and we’re leaving a little restaurant, we’re walking back to valet going to the car, and then, you just hear, ‘How was rehab?'” Haden said, via Mary Kay Cabot of Northeast Ohio Media Group. “I’m like, ‘Dude, you’re just getting at him when we’re chilling, leaving the restaurant,’ so it’s just negativity that people are trying to get a reaction out of him, and it’s upsetting.”

As for the incident at the Byron Nelson Classic golf tournament last weekend, Haden does not believe Manziel overreacted by throwing a water bottle at the fan who was heckling him.

“I think it was a little bit overblown,” he added. “I mean, they were heckling him for two hours. I mean, can somebody please get the kid away from him? It gets annoying. It gets to the point where people are just out to say stuff just to get a reaction out of people, and I think we’ve got to look at it that way too. Who’s heckling to get an autograph for two hours? Once you say no, it should be, ‘That’s it.'”

If the fan was following Manziel around for two hours and harassing him, event security should have stepped in. If it was a matter of Manziel letting the fan get a rise out of him when he could have just walked away, he still has a lot to learn.

Some situations are unavoidable, but Manziel should stay home more often if he can’t control his temper. He’s always going to be a target for obnoxious fans, and we haven’t heard good things about where he currently sits on Cleveland’s depth chart.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Joe Haden on Johnny Manziel: ‘I could tell there’s something different with him’

Johnny Manziel

Joe Haden believes he has seen a change in teammate Johnny Manziel following the quarterback’s 10-week stay in rehab.

Haden counts Manziel as one of his closest friends on the Cleveland Browns and went to bat for the QB last season. After an anonymous player ridiculed Manziel’s rookie season, Haden came to the former Heisman Trophy winner’s defense by saying he definitely is not a joke.

In comments to the media Tuesday, Haden continued to support Manziel.

“He’s one of my good friends,” Haden said of Manziel via Mary Kay Cabot of the Northeast Ohio Media Group. “We talk about real life things. I could just tell he’s motivated. When I talked to him, I could tell there’s something different with him.”

Haden said it was nice to have Manziel back and also expressed belief that his teammate has what it takes to succeed in the league.

“He has the ability,” said Haden. “He just can’t do all of those things (off the field). He shows flashes like when we were in training camp, some of the things he does, some people just can’t do. One thing he has now is he’s motivated. He really knows he has a second chance. He has an opportunity and he’s just ready to get after it. Just focus more. And (he) just knows he has to be in here a lot more often if he wants to be a professional quarterback in the league. He’s told me he realizes that and I’m happy for him.”

Perhaps the best sign that Manziel is taking things seriously is that he told Haden he was just leaving the team facility Monday three hours after the team finished workouts on the first day of practice.

Based on the minimal effort Manziel reportedly put in last season, this upcoming year is almost like him repeating his rookie season. He has a lot of ground to make up for slacking last year, so spending plenty of extra hours in the facility needs to become a regular thing for him. At least this is a good start.

Joe Haden: Johnny Manziel is definitely not a joke

Johnny Manziel tape Browns

The main goal for Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel heading into the 2015 NFL season will be to make people forget what a disaster his rookie year was. One of the ways Manziel will have to prove that is by convincing at least one teammate that he is not a “joke.”

Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden doesn’t need any convincing. A recent report from ESPN cited an anonymous Browns player who called Manziel’s first year in the NFL a “100 percent joke.” Haden disagrees.

“Johnny is definitely not a joke,” Haden told Mary Kay Cabot of Northeast Ohio Media Group on Wednesday. “It’s not true at all that Johnny’s teammates think he’s a 100% joke.”

Haden was adamant about pointing out that the “unnamed source thing” really bothers him. He said everything he has seen would indicate that Manziel’s teammates like him.

“Everybody, me, Phil Taylor loves him,” Haden said. “Travis (Benjamin) loves him. There’s a lot of players on the team that do so I don’t really know. You’d have to find that person who said that.

“Johnny takes too much bashing for nothing and the thing is that being a quarterback in the NFL is so much harder. They can’t do anything. If Johnny is to do anything that shows him having fun instead of being in the meeting room, they blow him up.”

What about that injury treatment Manziel was supposed to show up for but couldn’t manage to get to the team facility on time?

“He wasn’t supposed to be at the walk-through,” Haden explained. “He needed treatment. You’re a quarterback, you need treatment, I understand that, definitely. I’m not trying to give him a pass on that, but still, one little treatment and he didn’t have to be there. He was on IR. It was probably one of the only times he messed up.”

I’m with Haden on anonymous players bashing their teammates or coaches. If you have something that negative to say, have the courage to attach your name to it.

That said, even Manziel admitted that he needs to take his job more seriously going forward. Haden is admirable for supporting the rookie, but there’s no question Manziel has even more to prove in his sophomore season than he did after he was drafted.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Browns cornerbacks wore kickboxing gloves to avoid holding in practice

joe-hadenThe stats quarterbacks and wide receivers have been putting up has been on the increase as the NFL has shifted to a more pass-happy league.

With even more of an emphasis placed on pass interference, illegal contact, and defensive holding for the upcoming season, we can expect more big numbers in 2014.

NFL officials have been making their way around to training camps to meet with teams in an effort to go over how penalties will be called this year, which will seemingly put defensive backs at even more of a disadvantage.

While there will be an adjustment period, the Cleveland Browns have taken measures to drive home the point to defensive backs to minimize the grabbing of receivers. The team had Joe Haden and the cornerbacks wear kickboxing gloves during practice.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Seattle Seahawks, whose secondary has become the poster child for committing contact with receivers, came up as a possible reason for the renewed emphasis.

There are more than a few who feel the scores of NFL games will soon resemble those of the Arena Football League with the way the NFL is now being officiated. How quickly defensive backs cope will help determine if point totals remain at a reasonable level.

Joe Haden kicked out of practice for being too physical

Browns cornerback Joe Haden was kicked out of his team’s morning practice on Wednesday for reportedly being too physical with his teammates. The story sounds quite odd because you figure a coach would encourage physical play, but the reason actually makes sense.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Haden had just allowed a touchdown to receiver Travis Benjamin in a 7-on-7 drill and dragged the rookie down by the back of his jersey. Haden had been previously warned about being too rough with his teammates, and it doesn’t help matters that Benjamin has been bothered by injuries.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur ordered Haden off the field after the incident, but the two reconciled and Haden participated in the afternoon practice.

Although the story may make it seem like the Browns are being wusses, this probably was a good response by Shurmur. Not only does he not want to condone behavior that would lead to personal foul penalties during games, but he also likely feels the need to discipline Haden, who is also facing a possible four-game suspension for reportedly failing a drug test.

Browns cornerback Joe Haden takes high school senior to prom (Video)

When people dish out date requests to athletes such as Ricky Rubio or Tim Tebow over the Internet, they often turn up fruitless. But that wasn’t the case when Ohio teen Joyce Grendel — through Twitter, no less — managed to get Browns cornerback Joe Haden to take her to her senior prom on Friday.

When Haden pulled up in his white Lamborghini, Grendel, 18, started freaking out: “Oh my God, oh my God. Mom, I’m scared.” The anxiety was mutual.

“I am nervous, t00,” Haden told Fox 8 in Cleveland. “We were taking pictures with me and her family. I feel this is very legit, like I was getting ready, ‘Does this look cool?’ when I’m getting ready. I feel like I’m very legit. This is my prom, too.”

Haden, who didn’t attend his own prom, was more than happy to oblige a fan’s request.

“I knew her because she tweets me a lot, and she’s been a really good Haden Nation supporter,” Haden said. “All my autographs, all my signings, she always shows up.”

This wasn’t the first time a member of the Browns has gotten their slow dance on during prom season this year. Last month, Trent Richardson, before he was drafted by Cleveland, accompanied a leukemia patient to her prom.

Those Cleveland Browns sound like a bunch of stand-up guys. So, if you’re from Ohio and out of options for a prom date, maybe you could give Colt McCoy a call. I’m sure he’d love to know at least somebody in the state still cares about him.

Joe Haden gets massive tattoo commemorating his draft day (Picture)

Browns cornerback Joe Haden just completed his second NFL season. The former 7th overall pick has turned into somewhat of a shutdown corner in Cleveland, and he recently got a tattoo commemorating the day he was drafted (4/22/10), which is when he realized his NFL dream. WFNY believes the tattoo is on the inner part of his right arm, and it looks like it reaches from the elbow to nearly the wrist.

The last time a player got a tattoo commemorating their draft day, it didn’t work out too well. Let’s hope it’s a different story for Haden.