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Friday, July 10, 2020

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Rick Reilly has painfully awkward exchange with Justin Thomas

Rick Reilly has a long and distinguished history of striking out with some of his attempts at humor, and things were no different for the renowned sportswriter at the Ryder Cup on Wednesday.

Reilly decided to crack what he clearly felt would be a funny joke when Justin Thomas was answering questions, and he asked the 25-year-old how much “shame” he feels with having his father be a sportswriter. Thomas clearly didn’t get it.

Thomas comes from a long line of fantastic golfers, as his grandfather played professionally and his father, Mike, has been the head pro at Harmony Landing Country Club in Kentucky for nearly 30 years. What Reilly was likely referring to is Mike Thomas serving as a guest writer for the Courier Journal during the Ryder Cup, but the joke flew over Justin’s and everyone else’s head.

Coming from a guy who has been known to steal jokes in the past, we’re not surprised Reilly heard crickets.

Rick Reilly reuses line about rooting for the favorite

If you’re going to try impressing people with lines and jokes on Twitter, just make sure you’re always coming off with fresh material. Otherwise you risk getting exposed like Rick Reilly.

The famed ESPN writer tweeted on Saturday to discourage people from rooting for Kentucky in the Final Four by comparing it to rooting for George Clooney to get the girl:

It’s not that funny, but nonetheless, it’s a line. And it’s one that he has used in the past:

Rick Reilly

Apparently Reilly went to the Andrew Brandt school of joke-making. Time to get a new line to beat like a dead horse, Reilly. Or better yet, start ripping off PFT Commenter for jokes again.

H/T Lana

Did Rick Reilly steal a joke from PFT Commenter?


Rick Reilly made a pretty clever joke about Peyton Manning on Twitter during Sunday’s Denver Broncos-Indianapolis Colts game, but was it original? The person who tweeted it just minutes before Reilly doesn’t seem to think so.

At 5:54 p.m., the Twitter-famous @PFTCommenter cracked the following joke:

By pure coincidence I’m sure, Reilly sent an almost identical tweet exactly five minutes later.

Like most people, @PFTCommenter had trouble believing that Reilly came up with that on his own.

That looked like a classic case of Twitter parroting. We know how much Reilly enjoys comparing sports to world affairs in his tweets, so it’s no surprise he pounced all over that one.

H/T Dan Rubenstein

Rick Reilly compares Martin Kaymer’s US Open dominance to Nazi Germany


ESPN is likely thrilled that Rick Reilly recently retired after the tweet the former columnist sent on Friday afternoon. Martin Kaymer dominated the US Open field on Thursday and Friday and is currently the tournament leader at 10-under heading into the weekend. Kaymer is from Germany. You can take it from there, Rick.

For those of you who didn’t pay attention in history class, Reilly was making a Nazi Germany reference. The Germans, along with the Soviet Union, invaded Poland in 1939 and quickly took control of the nation. That basically sparked the beginning of World War II.

Surprisingly enough, Reilly did not delete the tweet — at least as of several hours after sending it. I guess that’s what retired life is all about?

Rick Reilly giving up ESPN column, will only do TV

Rick ReillyVeteran sportswriter Rick Reilly has decided to give up his column on ESPN.com and will focus solely on TV work, ESPN announced on Wednesday.

Reilly, 56, has been with ESPN since 2008. He came to the network after 23 years with Sports Illustrated, where he carved out a home as the back-page columnist.

“I’ve been writing sports for a living, non-stop, since I was 20,” said Reilly. “I figured out recently that I’ve published over two million words, all on sports. I’m ready to try something new.”

The ESPN article on the matter says Reilly will write books, screenplays and travel the world, in addition to his TV duties for “SportsCenter,” “Sunday NFL Countdown” and “Monday Night Countdown.”

You can’t help but wonder if some of the constant criticism Reilly faced impacted his decision. Many websites criticized him for “plagiarizing” his past columns, indicating that Reilly may have been writing so long that it was difficult to find new, original material. Reilly also got into trouble for supposedly misquoting his father-in-law in a story about the Redskins nickname.

Rick Reilly’s father-in-law, a Blackfeet Indian, says he was misquoted by Reilly in Redskins article

Rick ReillyOver the past several years, the Washington Redskins nickname has been criticized for its racist nature, but the pressure to force the team to change the nickname has never been as great as it is now. Columnists have spoken out against it. News outlets have said they will refuse to print the nickname. Even President Barack Obama has said the team should consider changing the name. That’s why it was so mystifying last month when such a well-respected columnist like ESPN’s Rick Reilly, formerly of Sports Illustrated’s back page, would express his support for the name.

In September, Reilly published a column on ESPN.com explaining why he supported the Redskins nickname. He cited a poll and quoted a few individuals in his explanation for why he supported the name. But the real kicker for the column came when he quoted his father-in-law, Bob Burns, who is a Blackfeet Indian.

Here’s what Reilly wrote:

I just don’t quite know how to tell my father-in-law, a Blackfeet Indian. He owns a steak restaurant on the reservation near Browning, Mont. He has a hard time seeing the slap-in-the-face part.

“The whole issue is so silly to me,” says Bob Burns, my wife’s father and a bundle holder in the Blackfeet tribe. “The name just doesn’t bother me much. It’s an issue that shouldn’t be an issue, not with all the problems we’ve got in this country.”

Burns was not happy with the way he was portrayed in the article and says he even tried to get Reilly to change the quote. Since Reilly would not change it, Burns resorted to writing a lengthy column for Indian Country Today Media Network to explain that he was misquoted and why he finds the Redskins nickname offensive.


Rick Reilly says Cam Newton held up team bus again; Panthers firmly deny it

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been the target of a ton of criticism this season. Much of it has been warranted, some of it has not. Whether or not he deserves the latest heat that ESPN’s Rick Reilly put on him is open for debate.

On Tuesday, Reilly tweeted that Newton held up the Panthers team bus after their win over the Eagles on Monday night — something he also supposedly did earlier in the season while sulking after a loss.

Panthers assistant director of communications Steven Drummond took to Twitter on Wednesday to assure people that Reilly’s report is completely fabricated: