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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Jim Mora hilariously drops S-bomb on live TV (Video)

Jim Mora

Jim Mora is still providing us with incredible television clips, more than 15 years after his legendary “playoffs” rant.

Mora, a former head coach of the New Orleans Saints, is now providing commentary for WDSU after Saints games. He was on an outdoor set with two others to provide some analysis following the Saints’ loss to the Vikings on Monday night when the great clip occurred.

Matters began with studio anchor Scott Walker declaring that Mora grows impatient the later it gets into the evening. Fletcher Mackel, the host on site, repeated that statement to Mora. Thinking he was off-air, Mora responded that Walker was “full of s—.”

This video is priceless, but beware that it contains a curse word.

The reaction from Mackel, who saw Mora about to drop the S-bomb, was perfect. His recovery was pretty solid too.

I can’t stop laughing at this video. It’s fantastic. And because you can’t think of Mora without recalling his legendary rant, here’s that video.

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