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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Soccer goalie Dida Valdemar drops opponent with flying karate kick (Video)

This is why I hated goalies when I played soccer in high school. They get special treatment. When someone scores a goal, it’s the defense’s fault. When the opposing team scores no goals, it’s because the goalie dug in and earned a shutout. When the goalie comes at an opposing player with a flying kick that nearly takes his head off, it’s only a yellow card.

During a recent match against Ceara, America-RN goalkeeper Dida Valdemar pulled off a move that would be more suited for “Street Fighter” than it is the soccer pitch. With Ceara striker Romario bearing down on him, Valdemar decided to win possession of the ball at all costs — even if it meantĀ incorporatingĀ some karate into his arsenal. I’d have to imagine the flying kick would have been worthy of a red card had it not been executed to perfection by a goalie. What ever happened to a good old fashioned pantsing?

Video via 101 Great Goals

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