The Aftermath: Pre-Surgery Videos

OK, so my last week’s worth of posts and comments disappeared due to some sort of unfortunate database glitch. For anyone who missed it, I checked into the emergency room last Monday, believing my appendix had burst. Well, not only did my appendix burst, it was also discovered during surgery that my guts were pretty jacked up. They wound up removing a good 6 inches from my colon and 12 inches from the small intestine, so I’m told. It wasn’t pretty. After five days in the hospital — four on I.V., I’m back home and recovering. I lost a bunch of weight, energy, and hair (bastards shaved off my manhood!). I should be good to go for the most part from here on out, luckily. Anyway, the posting around here might be a little light for the week as I get my sea legs back, but I had to share these videos of my surgery and experience I recorded for you while in the hospital. Hope you enjoy:

(You’ll have to turn the volume up for this one)

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  • blackjack

    There is no dedicated a sports blogger as Larry Brown.

  • http://www.pointguardu.com/cats NICK

    hope your feeling better Larry!

  • http://www.examiner.com/x-955-Los-Angeles-Lakers-Examiner Colin

    Please tell me you got to keep the pieces of your colon and intestines they removed. That would be quite the coffee table discussion piece!

  • SpinMax

    What’s wrong with shaving??

  • Alan

    Lol. “Let’s just say, it involved my backside.” You’ve lost your be-hymen.

  • http://ballhype.com/ JG

    No offense, but I’d rather see Katie Couric’s colon.

    (Get well soon.)

  • Gene

    Good to have you back and on the mend.