Brett Favre Has Already Prepared Us for Another Un-Retirement

I don’t think anyone was shocked on Wednesday to discover that Brett Favre would return for another season with the Minnesota Vikings. But the dramatic quarterback didn’t just want yesterday to be about his return, he also wanted to talk about his next retirement stint. Are we really talking about 2011 already? My head hurts just thinking about it.

Grandpa football said that this is his last year and that after 20 seasons he’ll be ready to throw in the towel. Part of me wants to believe the drama queen is telling the truth, but his retirement track record says otherwise. Yes, he always gets the attention because he is one of the biggest names in the NFL, but is anyone else tired of hearing it? Who knows if he’ll even last the whole season because players will be targeting his ankle. Then what? Are we going to hear that because he got injured six weeks into the season it didn’t really count and he’ll be playing football again in 2011?

I really am sick and tired of going through this every year with him. Ever hear of the little boy who cried wolf? Well Favre, you’re the old man who cried retirement and eventually no one is going to listen anymore. I can’t help but respect the man, but please give it a rest.

So, here’s my proposal Brett Favre: I’ll stop ragging on you if you really don’t return next season. You may be big news nationwide but believe me, it’s bigger news here in NFC North country. I’ve gone through it when you retired from the Packers, and now again with the Vikings, and I just can’t handle the hype around your retirement anymore. Thankfully, I have an entire year until I know if you hold up your end of the bargain. That means another year of poking fun at old man Favre.

Favre returns to the Vikings for 20th season [AP/Fox Sports]

Derek Lee Could Be Headed to Atlanta

The Chicago Cubs have been nothing shy of terrible this season. That’s why it’s not surprising to hear that Derrek Lee, who has spent the last five years with the Cubs, may be getting traded to the Atlanta Braves. The Cubs are currently 20 games under .500 and 18 1/2 games back in the NL Central. If I were Lee, I’d want out of there as fast as I could.

The Cubs looked like they might be able to turn things around after the All-Star break until then they got slapped around by the Rockies and Brewers.  It’s possible that Lee blocked the trade with the Angels in July because he was still holding out hope that their luck would turn.  However, it’s hard to stay positive and win ballgames when it seems like your own manager has given up on your team.

I think getting away from the Cubs would be a smart decision for Lee.  Chicago’s season is practically over and he would at least have a shot at a World Series ring if he went to the Braves.  That should be all that matters at this stage in his career.  Lee has done the best he could to help the Cubs, but you can’t expect one player to do it all.  The Cubs are full of talent.  They just couldn’t get it together this year to make it work.  I think D-Lee will find himself much happier in the Atlanta sun, with a chance to contend for a championship, than he would be in Chicago knowing the other side of town is fighting for one too.

Cubs working on deal to send Lee to Braves [Chicago Breaking Sports]

Patrick Kane’s Mom Bags Him Reading A Twilight Book

When I think of Patrick Kane, I think of him being drunk at the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory parade. In a more positive light, I think of him being a hero for the Blackhawks in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup by scoring the winning goal. And although Kane may not be the biggest or most aggressive hockey player I’ve ever seen, (in fact he’s far from being either) I never imagined him as a fan of the Twilight series.

Apparently the 21-year-old was caught by his mother reading the final book in the series, Breaking Dawn.  That’s not exactly how I envisioned Kane spending his off-season.  Here’s what he had to say about his somewhat embarrassing hobby:

Ohhhh,” Kane said with a laugh after regaining his composure. “She would throw me under the bus like that. I watched the first three movies and was really interested … so I decided to read the fourth book. I kind of snuck it in there, and she walked in a couple of times with me reading the book. I tried to hide it, but it wasn’t happening.”

Well good for you, Patrick.  I know a few guys who are closet Twilight lovers and unlike them, you manned up and admitted your addiction.  Also, I’ve got to give him props on staying out of trouble this summer, granted you don’t consider drinking from the Stanley Cup getting into trouble.  There are worse things Kane could be going than reading books about vampires.  Plus, the ladies are going to love him even more now that his “sensitive” side has been revealed.  All I have to say is, Kaner, finish the book and get back on the ice and win Chicago another cup. That’s an idea I could really sink my teeth into.

Kane trying to get a read on growing up [Chicago Tribune]

Redskins Fan Needs to Lay off McNabb

During the off-season Donovan McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins, a trade that shocked many people. I think that McNabb was probably a little relieved that he wouldn’t have to deal with the heckling Eagles fans anymore. What he probably didn’t expect was that he would get the same reaction in Washington–at least from one obnoxious fan.

According to the AP, McNabb hasn’t been very impressive so far during training camp. He’s thrown a lot of interceptions and he’s been throwing behind receivers. But one fan made sure that McNabb knew that he was stinking up the field by criticizing the quarterback by shouting things like ”Must have been a great catch, because it couldn’t have been a good throw.”

I think this guy needs to chill out. I mean yes, McNabb is a veteran quarterback who shouldn’t be throwing the way he is, but he is in a completely new system. Even the best quarterback wouldn’t be able to step on the field of a brand new team and throw perfectly every time. He was with the Eagles for 11 years, so I think it’s going to take a little while for him to adjust.

The thing this fan needs to understand is that McNabb’s mistakes are what training camp is all about. You work on the kinks in your play now so that you don’t make those same mistakes when the season is under way. Whatever this guys feelings are about McNabb, if he’s a true fan I think he would much prefer to see his new QB do some good for his team this year instead of crashing and burning. So Mr. Obnoxious Redskins Fan, shut your mouth and let McNabb do his job. Unless of course you want to see your team go 4-12 again this year.

McNabb has growing pains learning Redskins offense [AP/Fox Sports]

Chmura Calls Jermichael Finley a Moron

During his radio show on ESPN 540 Milwaukee, former Green Bay Packers tight end Mark Chmura decided to weigh in on current Packers tight end Jermichael Finley. Well Chmura didn’t exactly have nice things to say about Finley, so in my opinion he probably shouldn’t have said anything at all. Chmura expressed his thoughts about Finley by saying “He is a great player, but he is a moron.”

Chmura made this remark after a clip of Finley had been played on the air where he said that he had one word for everyone “Super Bowl Dallas, Texas.” I would have understood if he thought Super Bowl was one word, but just because he made a mistake he doesn’t deserve to be called a moron. I know that he was giving his personal opinion but honestly I think intelligence and athleticism are two different things and Chmura wasn’t fooling anyone with the “great player” part.

I really don’t understand Chmura’s issue with Finley and he really needs to stop. This isn’t the first time that Chmura has made comments about the Packers’ tight end. Back in May he told beat reporter Jason Wilde what he’d like to say to Finley:

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T.O. Needs to Move on from Dallas Days

It’s almost been a year and a half since Terrell Owens was let go by the Dallas Cowboys. Even after playing for the Buffalo Bills and now alongside Chad Ochocinco in Cincinnati, T.O. still can’t let go of Dallas. Responding to questions from the media, Owens continued to blame other factors like Jason Garrett and Tony Romo for his Cowboys release. He specifically called the Cowboys release “premature.”

In case you missed it, here’s what T.O. had to say:

“Do I think I should probably be there? Yeah. It was short-lived. I was prematurely let go. Things like that happen.”

Oh T.O., seriously? Why are you talking about the Cowboys now? I know it might still tick him off because he believes that he shouldn’t have been let go, but he was about to take the field with his new team and he’s sitting there talking about his old one. That’s like going on a date and talking about your ex the whole night. You just don’t do that.

Isn’t he happy in Cincinnati with Ochocinco? I thought that this is what they both wanted–to play together. All I can say is that T.O. needs to let this one go. At age 36, I can guarantee that he will never play with the Cowboys again. He’s not the player that he used to be, and therefore he should be happy to even have a team. Cherish your time in Cincinnati T.O., because who knows how this match with Ochocinco is going to turn out.

Owens feels he should still be Cowboy [AP/FOX Sports]

How to Pronounce NFL’s Toughest Names

Is it just me or does it seems like athlete’s names are getting harder to pronounce each year? Sometimes it even hurts my brain to look at the jumble of letters and decipher how  to pronounce them. Well that all ends here. I’ve put together an NFL pronunciation guide for the hardest names in football. Now, you can impress your friends with your ability correctly say the name of any player that you want. Without further ado, here’s how to pronounce some of the toughest names in the league:

Arizona Cardinals:

Hamza Abdullah (Ham-za ab-duh-LA)

Kenny Iwebema (ee-WEB-uh-muh)

Deuce Lutui ( luh-TOO-ee)

Pago Togafau (PONG-oh TONG-uh-fow)

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