A.J. Burnett blasts Hanley Ramirez for home run celebration (Video)

Hanley Ramirez and A.J. Burnett got into it during Thursday’s Dodgers-Pirates game after Burnett felt Ramirez showed him up following a home run.

Ramirez hit a two-run homer (the 150th of his career) off Burnett in the bottom of the fourth to give the Dodgers a 4-3 lead. As he was rounding second base, he appeared to put his hands to his eyes in the shape of glasses, upsetting Burnett. The gesture seems to be a ripoff of the “lo viste” gesture developed by the Marlins, for whom Ramirez played before being traded to the Dodgers. “Lo viste” is the players’ way of saying “did you see that?” in Spanish, though it’s unclear exactly what Ramirez intends his new gesture to mean. Regardless, Burnett felt Ramirez was showing him up.

Later in the game after the Pirates had reclaimed the lead, Burnett struck Ramirez out and stared him down. He also clearly yelled, “Sit down!”

“If you’re going to hit a homer, act like you’ve hit one before,” Burnett told reporters after the game according to the Associated Press. “The first batter, (James) Loney, hit one, was very professional about it. Ran hard the whole way. I just thought he did a little something at second base. I could be wrong. It was the heat of the moment.”

As for the “sit down” comment, Burnett said he was just excited to get a hitter out that sent one a long way off of him the last time up. Obviously, there was more to it than that. It’s hard to not side with Burnett on this one. Hanley clearly made the gesture in his direction, which is a classless move. Moments like those are the reason many of Ramirez’s former teammates weren’t sad to see him leave Miami.

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  • grinderella

    “Lo viste” means “Did you see IT” , not “…THAT?”    It’s either very sloppy Spanish…or English….or reporting. 

    Perhaps all of the above.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Really? That’s what you’re complaining about? Does replacing “that” with “it” at all change what the gesture means?

    Find something better to do

  • grinderella

    It doesn’t say
    WHO this response is actually from, so I’ll have to assume from the indignant
    tone that it comes from the article’s author Steve DelVecchio. If it did not,
    then my apologies to Steve for the accusation, but your editors need to work a little harder and
    do a little better if they expect to be taken seriously. (Even on the internet
    where anybody can simply write and post anything they want…) More likely, it comes from the keyboard of the unpaid college intern who can only respond to criticism in the way in which he learnd from internet “journalism”.  When in doubt, insult the other person.  It would be funny if it weren’t such a sad indictment of our journalistic future.  But whoever
    wrote the response, perhaps they too need to find something better to do…or simply
    something they are better at?

    First, it’s not
    a “complaint”. It’s simply a comment. So it would appear that many people here
    at LBS have ongoing trouble with what words “mean”, or what they
    thinks they mean.

    Secondly – yes,
    it does change what the gesture means! That’s exactly what it does!  They’re two different sentences, with
    different words in them. Different words mean different things; that’s how
    vocabulary and semantics work.

    Finally, if
    you’re going to post things in public, then you’ll have to expect some level of
    criticism if you make mistakes. I’m a writer and an editor as well; mistakes
    like that jump out at me. It’s my duty as such, not to mention as a speaker of
    English and Spanish, to let you know that you were incorrect. Otherwise it’s
    just insulting to speakers of Spanish.  Several
    of the links in the article point to other articles (including one previous from
    your own site!) which correctly translate the phrase (and gesture) as “Did
    you see THAT?” So, at the very least we have editorial consistency to
    worry about.

    Clearly, you
    are a very small fish/website trying to make your mark in a hugely-crowded,
    hugely-talented pond dominated by the likes of ESPN, FOX, SI, and others.  But if you a) make mistakes like this one, b)
    don’t seem to care, and c) respond as you have to me, then it’s easy to see why
    your traffic is light and will likely remain so.  Despite the way of most of the idiots write
    and respond on the internet, some of us actually desire to read well-written,
    grammatically and factually-correct pieces. 
    Even if it’s just about sports.

    Yes, I do have
    a lot of better things to do.  So when I
    take a break to read a quick article on the internet, it has to capture my
    attention and somehow make valuable that time that I took to visit.   Your article did not.  So I shan’t be back.  Good luck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Albert-Mckenna/100002508544453 Albert Mckenna

    “Lo viste” was done with a V in front of the eye. Hanley has made a new gesture since he has been with the Dodgers. That is worse than any English to Spanish translation error.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TPOAWIG6NKB6OYSUT2KTLUAMRM Braden Romine

    Eww. You’re embarrassing yourself. Go do your “better things” and please spare us your pretentious criticisms.