Albert Pujols in 2009: ‘Money Is Not Everything’ an Open Email Reply from LBS

Albert Pujols stunned the sports world by announcing he was signing with the Angels Thursday, accepting the 10-year $254 million deal they offered. He left behind St. Louis — a city, franchise, and fan base he proclaimed to love — to sign with a new team. It’s left the Cardinals community hurt, upset, and feeling betrayed. I’d like to take a moment to express my thoughts to Albert Pujols in an open email inspired by Hotmail.

Dear Albert,
You have put together one of the best starts to a career in baseball history. You are one of the game’s biggest sluggers. You’ve won three MVPs, made nine All-Star Games, and you helped lead St. Louis to two World Series titles. You’re already a lock for the Hall of Fame. But your choice to leave St. Louis and sign with the Angels — a decision that pleases me as an Angels fan — has left me perplexed.

From 2004-last season, you played on one of the most team-friendly contracts in history. You probably outproduced the contract by triple your earnings. You never demanded an extension, and you never demanded the Cardinals give you a better deal.

In 2009, you said in an interview when asked why you hadn’t pursued an extension that “money is not everything. It’s better to have a competitive team that can go to the postseason.”

I respected you for that answer. It was nice to hear a ballplayer say that winning was more important than the money. But now that you’ve taken more money than the Cardinals were offering, I want to know why you changed your mind.

Did you know all along that you wanted out and is that why you never signed an extension? Were you just lying and telling the public what they wanted to hear? Were you telling the truth in 2009, but changed your mind once you won a second World Series? Did you just want a new challenge or a new environment? Did you feel like it was time to have your pay match your status as the best player in the game?

I’m stoked to have you on my favorite team, Albert, but I also like supporting players of high character. I’d like to know that when you say things, you’re telling the truth. Maybe one day you can answer the question that so many people are wondering: why did you choose to sign for more money in Anaheim over remaining in St. Louis on a sizable deal?

I will support you, and I am not judging you, but I would just like to know why.

Optimistic Angels fan,

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Albert I want to know the samee thing WHY? I am from STL and an avid Cardinals fan. Not just a Pujols fan but a CARDINALS fan. I cant wait until a national writer not a local Anahiem writer asks Pujols why he left. It couldnt have been because he thought he had a better opportunity to win because STL just won the world seiries without our best pitcher (Adam Wainwright). If a writer asks him that question I just want him to be honest. Pujols-“It was about the money!!!!”

    P.S. STL is a little mad but we wont be bitter forever we have the second most world series rings in baseball 11 rings. Go Cards in 2012!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey albert, you screwed up buddy, go spend your millions and thats great, but respect from fans you will not get.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRLADC6QRJELZC4GLSUOBMZVHE Anonymous

    He got his ring and now he’s getting paid and may get another ring in the near future with the Halos. Hey it is what it is…players don’t stick around out of loyalty to their fans or the organization anymore…sad but true

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Devon-Linger/100000023154701 Gary Devon Linger

    Albert Pujols spent 11 years in St. Louis and gave you everything he had and then some. He should explain himself at some point but now is not the time.

    Albert probably feels like his time in St. Louis had run it’s course and wanted a change in scenery and a new challenge. People relocate and change jobs all the time in the real world outside sports. Why question Albert’s character for doing so?  He enjoyed his stay in St. Lois but as they say all good things must come to and end.  Whether through retirement or change of location they do come to and end in the world of sports for sure.

    St. Louis fans, your team has some solid cap space and this is the chance for your GM to prove his worth. Albert is a rare talent but it is not like a couple quality additions to the Cardinals can not make up for it. Your World Series title was about a lot more than Pujols and in fact in a few games Albert was not a key piece to victory. I know it sucks not getting anything back in a trade but the glass is half full as opposed to half empty for the Cardinals. You have a talented team aside from Albert Pujols and it will not take many changes and/or additions to be a World Series threat again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/terry.g.haynes Terry G Haynes

    yes we have 11 world series rings  and lmao if i am correct the halos only have 1 here is a jinx to uyou ap and your new team cant wait for the season to start its gonna be fun