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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Andre Ethier Punks Dustin Pedroia, Poses as Boston Radio Caller (Audio)

You know how they say what goes around comes around?  An American League MVP found out exactly what that phrase means on Wednesday afternoon.  You might remember a few months back when Dustin Pedroia pranked David Ortiz by telling him the Red Sox scorekeeper had cheated him out of an RBI during a game.  The prank resulted in Ortiz interrupting Terry Francona’s press conference like an idiot, so the execution was obviously perfect by Pedroia. During an appearance on WEEI’s The Big Show on Wednesday, Pedroia was given a taste of his own medicine. 

The hosts of the show arranged for Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier to call in pretending to be a Boston fan and rip on Pedroia, telling him how much better the newly-acquired Nick Punto is than him. Ethier and Pedroia were teammates at Arizona State and are still close friends, so it’s possible Pedroia knew what was coming. Either way, the audio is fantastic. Skip ahead to the 1:20 mark for the fun stuff:

Dustin tried to play it cool at the end there, but there’s no question he was getting heated with the “caller.”  Talking about the hardware he has at home isn’t Dustin Pedroia just messing around — that’s Dustin Pedroia being his cocky self.  He certainly shouldn’t feel ashamed for falling for it.  I’ve heard people call into the Boston radio stations that sound a lot more idiotic than Ethier sounded.

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