Angels Fans Taunt Carl Crawford with Dollar Bills Thrown into On Deck Circle

Angels fans pretty much expected the team was going to sign free agent Carl Crawford over the winter. Take it from me, I’m one of them. We were led to believe that Crawford was the team’s top target, that the interest was mutual, and that Torii Hunter had it in Crawford’s head since the All-Star break that the speedster was going to sign with Anaheim. It was supposed to be a slam dunk … until Boston stepped in and offered him a 7-year $142 million contract that he accepted and signed.

Thursday night marked the culmination of all those “what should have been” feelings for Angels fans since it was the first game of the season between the Red Sox and Angels. Some fans still upset over losing Crawford decided to taunt him while he was in the on-deck circle by throwing crumpled up dollar bills at him:

The Red Sox’s offer was much greater than that of the Angels according to reports, so you can’t really fault him for taking the deal. On top of that, Boston has shown a greater willingness to spend money, and from an objective eye they’re probably closer to winning the World Series on an annual basis than the Angels.

However, Crawford has struggled in Boston and the possibility exists that he can’t play to his potential in the pressure-packed city. Perhaps his personality was better suited for a laid-back environment in Orange County. Only time will tell how the signing works out for the Red Sox, but we do know for now at least some Angels fans are upset about losing him.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EEOTERFR3DPUJ2GDNRIKDSW2AQ BrianC

    I was glad the Angels didn’t sign Crawford. Beltre too. Now they have no excuse for not locking up Jered Weaver. How about throwing some of that big money to one of their own players?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    To me it depended on the money. I wouldn’t have been comfortable paying what Boston and Texas paid to land each one, but I guess you have to overpay these days to land a player. Can’t say we don’t need an extra bat. Maybe when Kendry comes back it will help but Trumbo’s been fine.

  • http://profiles.google.com/dmtshooter Dave Mountain

    Come on, Angels Fan. At least throw Sacagewa dollars. These wadded up balls of paper aren’t going to hurt anyone!